After I graduated from college in business and textiles, the job market was at an all-time low. I was living in Utah and I decided to get a season’s ski pass to Snowbird. I worked a few nights a week as a cocktail waitress at the newly built Hilton hotel. Three years later and with another degree in Education and I was still doing what was only going to be a temporary thing. One day while waitressing I had a horrible headache and all I could focus on was the green EXIT sign.

It seemed to be growing larger and larger and practically blinking. It seemed to be calling me…. “It is time for you to EXIT, you are finished, complete here.” I immediately knew it was time to pursue my career and to move to Los Angeles where there was more of a fashion industry than in Utah! So I did!

I later went to work as a sales representative for Levi Strauss in the late 1970s when women were just starting to enter the workforce. I was rookie of the year one year, and sales representative of the year for the Los Angeles region the following year.