Erin Cote

One of my favorite quotes that I am continually reminded of is from Dr. Wayne Dyer. He states, if our imagination isn’t being creative our imagination creates worry about the past or future.

I would consider any form of creativity as a form of play. We all have values that we give more credence. One of my highest values is playing. I love to play! If the day unfolds in some form of play, laughter, or fun then I consider it a day worth living.  I’m convinced I’d be far less creative and know less of who I am without exploring life beyond what is considered to be “normal” behavior. Play is a natural way to create spaciousness of mind, body, and spirit allowing more innovative ideas come through.  Often we’re going through the motions: making breakfast, fixing our hair, or driving to work. Our minds are trained in the super highway of routine.  As adults we become more complacent, instead of creating new ways of being.  You may have adopted a belief that you must put your nose to the grindstone and work hard. Any belief or “story” we create of who we are, limits us- I invite you to break the mold of your “story” and discover a world beyond what you have previously imagined.  We can consider “play” as a “mental vacation” from constraints or stress that you’ve been feeling.

One of my personal playful exercises I recently discovered after having a gym membership, and surprise, not using it.  I fell into the trap of feeling guilty.  After a brief battle with monetary conscience I started doing a Flash Dance style dance work out, at home and canceled my membership. A couple nights a week I’ll put on lively music, “dance” and play! This routine sprung from authenticity and has proved far more maintainable and OH SO FUN!

Let’s consider children. Their focus is on exploring and fun. They inherently know they are liked, loved, and worthy. Not concerned with fitting in or saying the right thing.

Whenever I find the time to interact with children, I find it beneficial to approach them believing they have something to teach me. Sure, I may be more skilled at using scissors or coloring in the lines but what they will teach me is likely as important as anything I can teach them.  Children are endless creators.  If we live a life more like children, identifying the qualities we’d like to emulate we can find ourselves immediately more creative, happier and playful.

From children we are reminded to lose ourselves in the play. Forget about all you have to do in the future or what happened in the past- immerse yourself in the magical moment of NOW! It’s an invitation to PLAY! Don’t change your routine- redefine how your routine is done. It’ll likely be more powerful this way, child-like. Observe for a moment, how am I being when I leave the house? Who am I when I’m driving? How do I approach my morning? How do I fall asleep at night?

We can drop what we think others might be thinking. Each time we begin something new, set the tone. Making an intention to play, become flexible in thought, and experience a sense of freedom in your mind and body. Once we imagine it, then practice it we will create it.

So make a funny laugh, make a playful sound, move your body in a different way, play fun music, do a funny dance move, skip to the car, write a short story, talk in an accent, make a funny face, think or say something funny, explore a new invention, draw a colorful picture.

Let’s take the “dull” out of being an A-DULL-t and be “childish” for a moment!