Here we are in January.  The holidays are over and it is now a quieter time.  Many people have a hard time in January.  It is one of the darkest months of the year.  The winter is an inner time and we live in such an “outer” culture.

I know I have been in the mystery for some time now myself.  When I was in Peru in October I surrendered my life as I knew it.  Later, I realized I expected a new plan to float down from the Heavens and be hand delivered to me.  Well that hasn’t happened.

Today while channeling Mary the message I got once again was to do what I love.  All things in love expand.  So I was thinking about spending more time in nature and painting and dancing.  And the other thing she said that really landed for me was for me to stop seeking.  My seeking keeps pushing things away.  There becomes the feeling of grasping and trying to control and make it all happen.  The image I got was like grasping onto sand to keep it.  And yet the harder you hold on the more the sand slips through your fingers.  Mary said to let myself be still for what is seeking me to be able to find me.

She also talked about how the energies of the old paradigm are still present and the new energies are coming in.  They are both here at the same time.  It is a hard time for people who are extra sensitive because we are simultaneously feeling both energies.

I really get that by doing what I love I attract in the higher energies of love and joy.  The more I struggle to figure things out in my mind the more I am calling in the lower energies of the old paradigm.

Like Einstein said “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

I just walked to the lake by my house and put my fingers into the water.  I then stood up facing the sun and said the Gaitre. I love to say this nearly everyday as I see the bright rays of the sun smiling down on me.

You who are the source of all power

Whose rays illuminate the world

Illuminate also my heart

So that it too can do your work

Right now is actually a monumental energetic turning point in my life.  I created my website in 2009 and one of my intentions was to share the Mary messages from channeling Mother Mary.  I only posted two or three over several years.

I realize now I was holding a lot of fear around channeling Mary.  My ex-husband would not even let me say the word “channel” in our home.  My son, out of deep love, wanted to do an intervention on me like you do for alcoholics and drug addicts, because of my channeling.  He wanted to save me from myself.  There were other painful incidents with family members around my channeling.  Who knows what else was in the mix from past lives!

In 2000 in a shamanic drumming journey and going to the upper world Mary kissed me and said we had work to do together but it wasn’t yet.  It had to do with the Divine Feminine as well as helping people remember their Divine Self.  For all these years I have remembered and concentrated on the Divine Feminine, totally forgetting about the Divine Self.  Now, it is starting to flood into my life and awareness.

There is so much wisdom from Mary I do feel in my heart now is the time to start sharing her messages.  So today is also the beginning of the Mary blog which I spoke about in my last newsletter.  I choose love and I choose this new paradigm and to be a part of it!!

Mary Messages blog- by Kathleen

This is Mary speaking through me (Kathleen) about the powerful time we are living in.  This is a short excerpt.  At the end you will see a link if you would like to read more of her messages which will continually be updated.  There are several there now for you to read.

This is an extremely powerful time.  Be conscious of what you are putting out.  Be conscious of your thoughts and beliefs.   As the beliefs will be reflected in life situations, happenings.   Remember that the outside is a mirror of YOU.  And you, all of you, are connected .  Those that are already holding a higher vibration frequency have an important mission or purpose right now, yes purpose is a better word.  It is so important to keep that high vibration and stay centered in love as the higher frequencies lift up the lower ones, entrainment.   So to keep your bright light clear and shining – keep choosing and being love and peace is one of the highest acts of service that is possible right now at this crucial turning point on your planet and in the universe.  All is connected not only with you and each other and all kingdoms but the earth and the star beings and universes as well.  All are one.  This is your return home to Source to your God/dess Source Self.  The time of separation is coming to an end.  And each of you have free will and choice.  You can come into this unity with ease and grace and love or by dragging your heels and kicking and screaming and prolonging the experience for what to you can feel like eternities because time is not what you think it is.

It is like concentric circles radiating out from a pebble dropping into a pond… each circle will radiate out and each circle affects those after it.  This way you are all working together.  Some have chosen to come at this time to be what you call light workers and to show the way and yet all are the same and equal but as you are dealing with duality and leaving duality this is how it goes.  Let go of the notion of special or ahead because it is part of duality and holds you to your ego and mind.   Know all are one and the same emanation of Source playing out their life dance in their unique way.  All is perfect.  There truly is nothing to heal because healing is fixing, it truly is remembering and knowing that consciousness is evolving and evolving at a higher turn of the spiral beyond what you can even imagine.  Beyond what even those that are visionaries on your planet (convey).  Beyond the beyond.  And you are part of that evolution and that awakening.  What do you choose, how do you choose to return to love/Source Light.

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