This blog has been written by MaryAnn McDonnell who went on my journey, Roar of the Jaguar to Guatemala  December 17 to January 6th.

Dedicated to Nina and Pablo

Our young and wise Guatemalan leader speaks
Beautifully about the web of life
Day of K’at
Day of Sacred Fire
Day of the web of the spider
Day of catching everything we need

Nina asks a question
Wants more clarification
She wants a direct experience
Not a definition of Mayan time

Across the lake from where we are gathering
On the verdant vegetated hillside
She spots a two story fragile bamboo and wood house
With its thatched roof on fire!

Fire blazes like a giant match
Fire consumes
Speeds like a race car
Up the hill
Fast and Faster
Our guide on her cell phone

There is no Fire Department to call
Nina says it will not spread
The road is a fire barrier
The vegetation is wet

Within minutes the house is consumed
And now exists only as smoke

Word spreads that it is the house that
Our friend Pablo is building
Blair, with her young eagle eyes, says she sees Pablo and Alena
Running on the road towards the burning house

No, this cannot be

Later this is confirmed

Disbelief, shock, helplessness
Concern for Pablo
For the loss of things he loves
For the loss of his labors
For the loss of this creative expression.

I am wondering who among us
Would within minutes be on the phone
With their insurance agent
Quickly writing the claim, taking snapshots
Calling their friends, feeling the drama
Feeling others pity and their pity
Feeling their bad luck
Feeling the hot blow of fate

A couple of hours later Pablo arrives at the Posada
Where we are eating our New Year’s Eve dinner
Friends are playing music
I greet him warmly
He is festive appearing like a Latin version of
Mick Jagger in his turquoise satin brocade shirt

With calm and poetic presence
He says, “We are in the Mayan time capsule
Sacred Fire
All is well.”

He is deeply held in the web of his community
He is not without a home
The web of loved ones will provide and hold a container for him
He is blessed by his awareness

Pablo sings to the elements
He dances with a young child perched high
On his shoulders and drinks wine with friends

This is Mayan time
Living in the Magic
And unpredictability of every moment

Pablo has offered profound teachings
Now, do we understand Mayan time?

by MaryAnn McDonnell