Yes it is true.  Dr Laura is a certified MD who not only incorporates the feminine into her practice but embraces the feminine.  It was the Guiding Signs 101 cards that brought us together.  She is using them with her patients!

Dr Laura is creating a template for what is possible in the medical profession as we step into and are co-creating this new paradigm on our planet.  What each one of us does affects the whole.  Just imagine a hologram and all pieces hold the whole picture.  Every time we face our shadow and see and integrate it we are not only helping ourselves but we are affecting the whole of our planet!  Every time we step out of the old ways things have been done and bring love and consciousness in we are also affecting the whole planet and all of consciousness.

While we can’t clone Dr Laura and have her everywhere we can easily bring her wisdom into our lives by reading her 4 eBooks Instant Illumination Express Pack, and following her blog here.   I look back at my life and think how different it would have been if my mother and I had her book as I was growing up and the wisdom of embracing all the feminine parts in our body and loving them.  That blood equals power.  The feminine is so very powerful and she has been so misaligned and devalued.  Thank you Dr. Laura for all you are doing with women and their daughters bringing the feminine back to her true exalted place.  We can only move into the higher turn of the spiral of the Sacred Masculine and the Divine Feminine once they are both coming from their truest essence. It is now time to move into this new cycle where they work together beautifully in tandem.

My interview with Dr Laura

What are three things you most want women to know right now?

1. Women are connected to spirit in a different way then men are and are more powerful at channeling this energy and creating things.

2. That women go through three different phases in life — maiden, mother, matriarche (whether or not we have children) and each phase is totally unique and can be an amazing transformation to look forward to and to celebrate. The most powerful by far, and the one we spend the longest time in, is the one our society values least… and that is matriarch. So we need to change this paradigm and that begins by showing women how to enjoy teach transition and unleash their own power!! That is the goal of my Stepping Into Power Female Health eBook and I yearn to reach as many women as possible with this message. Click here to find out more.

3. That we need to really CELEBRATE our life’s transitions and mark these changes and by having meaningful journeys (like your retreats, Kathleen!) or solo-wanderings, family parties, community blessings, birth rituals, death ceremonies, gatherings of all kinds. Celebrations and support when a woman begins to menstruate. Support and honor when a woman emerges into her power as matriarch. Support and celebrate!!!! Everything is to be celebrated and supported!

What are three things you want mothers to understand right now?

1. Being a mom is natural and intuitive and I beg mothers to listen to their own intuition. I ask them: if you could have amnesia and forget all the rules of society, what would you know how to do? You’d know how to birth your child, would likely extend nursing your child, you would generally have the urge sleep in a family bed instead of separate from your baby at night, and support and trust your child from your heart.

2. Being a mother lasts forever but actually taking care of your children is very fleeting. It is always worth putting the extra time and energy into being present with them. They don’t need you to *do* anything — being present fully and looking in their eyes and listening to them speak and holding their hand and getting down on their level and engaging… that’s all they ever truly want.

3. You can do it all, but you don’t have to do it all at the same time. There is a time for intensive mothering and putting your child’s needs first. There is a time to let your own inner journey take over as matriarch and move beyond family to thrive and lead your community. Drop the guilt of not being able to do it all, all at once. Focus on one thing at a time, and just enjoy the phase you are in. You don’t need to do in all 100% of the time. All you have to do is ONE THING AT A TIME but give it 100% of your presence.

What put you on your path?

Absolutely without doubt it was becoming a mother. It absolutely transformed my entire life. I went from being a very career driven physician to stopping everything to stand in awe of my children. From them I opened to spirit, felt faith and a oneness that I had never known before, accepted my intuitive gifts, and re-emerged from early motherhood a changed woman. It was a spiritual transformation. I entered motherhood as a pregnant, over worked, clinical-minded and
close-minded physician with no faith and I was transformed. I re-entered medicine as a spiritual- minded, intuitive-centered physician who honors the unique soul of each of my patients.

Stay tuned, we will have more from Dr Laura next week!!…