On Tuesday June 5th we had the Venus Transit.  It will be over a century before we have the next one!  They come twice in an eight year period.  We had the first one in 2004 of this current pair.

What is the significance of the Venus Transit? Venus is the planet of love and beauty and the feminine.  The Sun is our source and our fuel and masculine.  Right before this Venus had been out of bounds going far north into a place of uncharted creativity and freedom.  Imagine a string from the Earth to Venus and a string from the Earth to the Sun.  Imagine Venus transiting across the Sun for 7 hours and these two string or lines of energy touching and coming right down to the Earth blessing us with this united energy.

On May 20th the day of solar eclipse I started to feel a deep calling to honor the Venus Transit through ceremony.  I felt the Solar Eclipse on May 20th and the partial lunar eclipse on June 4th were energetically related to the Venus Transit.  Astrologers were talking about eclipses as a time of rebooting our whole energetic system, similar to major updates on a computer.  This was allowing us to operate on a new upgraded system.  As we move out of the third dimension and start expanding to the fifth dimension and beyond it makes sense that we as humans need actual upgrades like our computers!

When I plan rituals and ceremonies I go to a place of deep listening.  A few days before the Venus Transit I started to see that men were to be there too.  At first I thought it meant in traditional roles, men holding strength, safety and protection in an outer circle around the women while they were in a place of creating.

A few days before the ceremony I saw a dead rattlesnake on the side of the road while I was riding my bike.  As I rode past it I heard that it was to be part of the ceremony that I needed to go back and bring it to my home.  I have a deep fear of snakes and picking up the rattler even with a walking stick was not easy for me to do.  I imagined it coming alive and reaching out biting me.  I was squeamish.  I was lead to place it on the lap of my Kwan Yin statue in my garden and to place one of the red roses on the snake.

I was also lead to ask my friend, Lisa Shrader, who has the Awakening Shakti to be part of the ceremony bringing in the Shakti –feminine energy!  I told her about the snake and still didn’t have a clue as to how it would be part of our ceremony.  We looked up the meaning of the rattlesnake… power, healing, rebirth, renewal, transformation and wisdom.  We also thought of the kundalini energy and how the snake is on the caduceus for the medical profession.

I realized that the day of the Venus Transit was the day after the full moon, it was also the Mayan Galactic Tone of 13 –Ascension; both the same as the day I was born.  I was born on a Friday, which is ruled by Venus and here we were with the Venus Transit.

There were ten of us for the ceremony, one of the smaller gatherings and it also felt energetically perfect.  The right people with the right energy had shown up.  I knew the men were an important part of the ceremony.  The two men present both exemplified the highest of what the masculine can look like and be.  One in a long-term marriage of over 30 years and my ideal of what real love and fair and equal partnership can be.  The other a blossoming new relationship based on that same beautiful model!

Shortly before the ceremony began I knew how the rattlesnake was to be honored.  She was to be burned on the altar of my labyrinth.  The labyrinth had been built five years earlier in a ceremony of women where every stone that was laid down was done with the intention of creating a world of love that works for all life.  I felt it to be the most sacred spot on the land.  Snake represented the Great Goddess in ancient times and the Mother!

Inside the yurt I started with intention and a grounding meditation connecting to the core of the Earth Mother.  Then Lisa lead us on an exercise of getting deeply in touch with our body and our senses.  Being fully present.  After grounding and touching into the earth energy it was time to connect to the Heavens.  I did this through Tom Kenyon’s Ghandarva where he calls in all the Deities from all the different lineages and then we connect to our hearts and love and tone to them.  While people were deeply in their hearts I lead a guided meditation to look at our old limiting stories. We have a choice to let go of all those stories of our childhood or our parents or ex-partner or whatever disempowers us.  It is time to let go and step into our unlimited selves!  We visioned our life from that unlimited place.  We visioned a world of love that worked for all life.  We then wrote down one word or symbol of a story of limitation we were ready to release and let go of.

At the center of the labyrinth there was a fire.  We took turns burning our old stories.  From the place of spaciousness we opened to the energy of the Venus Transit beaming down upon us.  We then talked about the qualities of the snake and the feminine and burned her in the fire so she could be like the phoenix rising from the ashes.  Lisa lead us in consciously connecting to our kundalini energy and allowing it to rise up through our chakras. We embraced the Divine Feminine energy and the Sacred Masculine within ourselves and in our world.

I passed around my selenite sword that had just come into my life hours earlier. Each person connected to their dearest dreams for self and planet. Right then an osprey hawk flew overhead.  The meaning being one of commitment to ourselves and to others!

I then passed around full moon water I had prepared the night before.  After the ceremony I came back and sat under the clear sky next to the altar and ashes with my heart bursting with love and gratitude.  What an amazing time to be alive on our planet.

We are moving into Summer Solstice on June 20th.  I believe the Venus Transit to be a door of love and quickening as we move to the last day of the 26,000 year Mayan Calendar on Winter Solstice December 21 2012.  The end of one cycle is the beginning of a new cycle.  There is an adage of As Above So Below.  This translates to what is in the Heavens is mirrored on Earth.  At that time we will be in the Galactic Center.  May this new cycle truly be of moving out of the Love of Power and into the Power of Love for all!!