We just finished the Nevada City Wild and Scenic Film Festival this past weekend.  It is the largest environmental film festival in the United States!  There are over 600 volunteers who run everything.  That is mind boggling to me in our little town!

My dear friends, Dawn and Ivan, the creators of PeaceJam created the film “Mayan Renaissance” and I produced it.  It played at the film festival.  It was very rewarding getting to share it with my community and to answer questions and talk about it afterwards.  Many years ago while in the jungle of Ecuador with the Achuar and shamans I saw that the indigenous had been holding and guarding sacred ancient wisdom that would lead the way forward for all life on planet earth.

I loved every film I saw at the festival and wish I could have seen them all but luckily we can check them out through SYRCL (South Yuba River Citizen’s League).  They are the ones who put on the film festival each year.

A few movies that really touched me:  “Dear Governor Cuomo”, a documentary about all the people rising up in New York to come together to keep fracking out of  New York.  I loved the way so many people were stepping up with their voices and coming together with music and getting their message out in such a peaceful way.  I learned so much about what fracking was.  How violent it is to the earth and what it does to the water, which is such a precious commodity at this time.  How something like 17% of the wells leak and all those poisons go to the earth and to drinking water.  I loved how the people of this film called the mayor, Cuomo, to step up to being the really great man he is and not letting this travesty take place!

Watch the trailer

The other film that stood out was “Greening The Revolution”.  It exposed so many things, some I had never heard of.  Some people in Haiti are so poor the only thing they can afford to eat is a mudcake with a little butter and salt.  The film showed the effects of GMO, even interviewed someone from Monsanto, a spokesperson.  It also showed farmers in India being regulated by their government to go from the old organic ways of the earth to the use of pesticides and chemicals and how that has caused a detriment to the crops growing and all the failing farms.  250,000 farmers have taken their lives, many killing themselves by drinking the pesticides that ruined their farms.  Every 30 minutes a farmer there takes their life.  And there were many inspiring stories as well.  How the embargo to Cuba got them self sufficient and working together with natural local foods!!

Watch the trailer.

We are taught so many things that aren’t true and we have believed for such a long time that our governments and the people in control have our best interests.  It is time for all of us to wake up to what is really going on on our planet.  And in this last USA election the bill to have GMO just labeled on products didn’t pass let alone to ban GMOs like many countries in the world are doing.

I am thankful for all the people that are making documentaries to bring truth forward on our planet. I am thankful for all the people standing up to truth through their voices. For we can only have love where there is truth.  They are two sides to the same coin.