What is my intention for this blog……I realize I don’t do well when I feel there is something “important”  like I need to write a profound and “important” blog today.  Everything freezes up inside of me and then instead of listening from my heart and just letting things flow I try to “figure out” what needs to be said. I realize by witnessing that part of myself it allows it to dissipate so I can be in the present moment.

Today is the day we are sending out the announcement via email about the creation of the Guiding Signs cards to friends and people who have touched my life!

What would I most like my friends and acquaintances and even those I don’t know but who find their way to my blog to most know?……..

Now is the time to let go of trying to do things right.  Now is the time to let go of figuring things out with our mind.  Now is the time to listen within.  Listen to our hearts and listen with our hearts…. Let our hearts show us the way. Let that small inner voice of intuition grow louder and louder.  How do you override your inner voice of intuition? You can make a conscious intention to start to witness these places. I can see one way I override my intuition is by wanting to make others happy especially those people I love and adore the most.  There are times I feel something out of alignment inside my body.  Yet I keep the feeling suppressed. Today I am having a conversation with someone because I just realized this had taken place in my life!

We may have the belief that we are protecting ourselves by not allowing our inner voice of intuition to come fully to the surface.  We may fear having to make an uncomfortable decision or have a difficult conversation – at least momentarily.  It will keep finding its way back getting larger and louder until we can no longer ignore it.  Often it can take people getting a major illness to stop distracting themselves and to start to listen deeply within.  When we allow ourselves to hear and deal with things at the time they show up they don’t have to get our attention through illnesses or accidents.  It is really much easier in the long run!

Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world.  This is the basis of synchronicity. The outer will reflect our inner world.  The Guiding Signs 101 cards use every day road signs that we all know and are familiar with. This takes the mystery out of what shows up!  Most people I witness playing with the cards have an “oh yeah” response.  The card and message totally make sense.  The person has that “inner” knowing reflected by the “outer” card chosen.  This is a place where we can start to “hear” our intuition.  They exclaim “Oh yes, I knew that, or I was feeling that”.  We start to witness, to “see” what that feeling is inside of us.  Our witnessing allows that voice of intuition to grow.  Our witnessing of the places where we override our intuition allows us to see places where we have been unconscious.  Once we see something it is no longer unconscious but now in our consciousness.  By making a commitment to deal with things when they occur we claim our power.  Witnessing and listening to our intuition are also ways of reclaiming our innate power.

I love the value of the Guiding Signs 101 cards and have used them nearly every day for almost one year!!  If you feel so inspired I encourage you to get a set for yourself or family or for friends…. of course, check in to your inner voice of your intuition to see if the cards are calling to you!!
Blessings and best to you,