Are you living your life in the Driver’s seat or are you sitting in back waiting for life to happen to you? Are you feeling like a victim or victorious?

The simple act of setting conscious intentions creates a field of energy and gives direction to your life. Like the arrow being directed from the bow to the target.

An intention is what you are intending, it is your motivation, the energy behind a specific thing. The question is WHY, why are you doing something? Is it to be of service? Is it to look good?

By setting conscious intentions you start co-creating your events and life. When we aren’t setting conscious intentions we start letting old beliefs and unconscious fears create our unconscious intentions! Life is a constant mirror of what is going on inside of us. Look at your life and your intentions and see what is showing up for you.

You can start an intention for your day as you get up in the morning. My intention is to _______. Intention creates focus. It also creates clarity. It can align your thoughts and your actions. It allows the opportunity for the highest and best to come through.

Set intentions for your day

For a meeting

For a gathering

Starting a new project

With a relationship

Working with nature: New Moons are a very powerful time to work with intentions on what you really want to bring forth in your life. The time of the New Moon is the dark time of the moon where you cannot see her. It is like the womb where a seed can be planted and grown to fruition. It is during the time of the New Moon that the moon and the sun come together and are next to each other, you can see this on an astrology chart. The most powerful time when working with the New Moon is to set your intentions and get clear on what they are a few days before the New Moon occurs. You can write them on a piece of paper, you can burn them with prayer. You can go outside and look up to the Heavens and state your intentions with all of your heart and ask for it. Then listen during the month for steps you are guided to take. Give gratitude.

Our intention creates our reality.” ~Wayne Dyer

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