I would love to share with you a resource I have found to be very helpful and inspiring.  The Morning Blessing by Reverend Angela Pergoff is about helping people make the transition we are in on our planet as we move into higher consciousness and a whole new paradigm.  There is no fee to subscribe and you will get an email from her Monday through Friday.  Mondays are usually very full with the energies that are present on our planet and hold the bigger picture of what is going on.

I found today’s Morning Blessing very aligned with what I have been going through this week and also my friends who are close to me.  It has felt like a challenging week.  All of the tests feel like they also had a great blessing for me in allowing me to take responsibility of standing in my personal truth and power.  I hope you enjoy todays Morning Blessing.
Love and light,

The Morning Blessing


Dear Kathleen,
The practice of living from a spiritual place in today’s world is not always easy. Sometimes it may seem as if the only way to live in a way that is conducive to your emerging spirituality is to chuck it all and take up life in a monastery. Since this is neither practical nor the evolutionary destiny for most of us, we need to learn to fill our walk with the balance and light of our sacred inner realm. Of course this becomes challenging for most when we leave work to find that someone has scratched our car, or how about the week when your computer went down for the entire week (that would be the one to tip me over the edge), or when the bank says they have no record of the last two paychecks you deposited and you threw away your paper receipts. Add this to your less-than-favorite in-law’s upcoming visit, your child’s birthday party, your spouse’s bad mood and you may find all your spiritual ideals are visiting someone else’s divine nature. We are all thrown off center from time to time but we can easily regain balance if we can be flexible and learn to recognize that this physical incarnation is actually about discovering our own divinity and not about the temporary experiences of work, family, and global events.

At some point in everyone’s spiritual growth this knowledge is necessary to come into alignment with the larger part of yourself, the Divine Source within. An understanding that above all else, YOU are the master of your destination and that ALL comes in perfect order when everyday reality is lived from this viewpoint is how to get out of the trap that experiences determine our quality of life. To approach challenging events without the conscious instruction of an internal spiritual universe would be to live in Soul avoidance and will ultimately lead to suffering, moods, pain, and isolation from the very Essence of All That Is. When we become aware and begin to seek the enlightenment of being whole the Soul comes forward and begins to perpetuate itself as our actions and thoughts keeping us peaceful, healthy, and happy in all situations.
If you are not yet aware of your spiritual abilities or potentials then I urge you to explore and expose yourself to new areas of spiritual growth. Create an intent today to move beyond your current veiled awareness. Affirm divine empowerment! Connect with  internal consciousness and expand. Honor that struggles, doubts, and insecurities are now leaving your existence because you are an escalation of a natural Force that embraces everything. Everything is good and possible because within us exists all things.
High five-ing you into the day


There is but One source of all life, and that Source is God. I know that this omnipresent Spirit of Life is always with me. Because it is infinite, it is everywhere. It is the source of all, the creator and sustainer of all, the Beloved Presence within all. It is my creator, and I am made in its nature.

This means that all the wisdom and intelligence of Spirit is within me, to call upon whenever I choose. The creative essence that is Spirit is within me, ready to be called into action. The power and ability to accomplish all things flows through me, a direct legacy from Spirit. The love of Spirit is in me, flows through me, manifests in my thought, word, and deed.

Today, I give thanks for my eternally present Creator, the Father and Mother of All, inspiring my heart and informing my choices. This Creator expresses through me with grace and with joy, bringing more good, more compassion, more abundant living, and more industrious activity into manifestation. I give thanks for the ever-Presence of the Creator in me, and let this word guide me today. And so it is.

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