My guides in the invisible world continue to give me direction and are really clear and loud when I pay attention and I act on the wisdom they have given me.

How many ways can Source give us guidance?  Of course through our meditations and listening, dreams and intuition.  For me, I have received such amazing guidance and wisdom from channeling Mother Mary.  Shamanic drumming journeys take us to other dimensions where we see beyond the third dimension and the veils. There are so many paths! The shamans of the rainforest use Ayahuasca, a sacred medicine that comes from the vine of one plant and a leaf of another.  When cooked and prepared together Ayahuasca creates a pathway to multiple dimensions.  They believe it is the closest thing to God and truth on our earth.  It is a medicine, not a drug, and used in sacred ceremony with intention for both insights and healing.   Reichel-Dolmatoff states, (as quoted in Wild by Jay Griffiths)  “Desana shamans say that in order to be able to live well in the visible world, one must look at it through insights gained in the invisible world.”

For myself, living in tune to the invisible world is what informs my outer world.  The two worlds go hand in hand.  I feel so deeply grateful for this guidance in my life.  One thing that I have learned is that my guides in the invisible world continue to give me directions and are really clear and loud when I pay attention and I act on the wisdom they have given me.  For example, in the year 2000 in a shamanic drumming journey, I was taken to the upper world.  I met a beautiful radiant angel who wrote letters with clouds; each cloud formed one letter.  She wrote, D-I -V-O-R-C-E.  She then told me a time would come in the future when my husband and I would divorce to go our separate ways.  She told me not to feel bad or sad when it happened, that it was all part of the divine plan, that my soul needed to be set free to do the work I came into this world to do, and he would hold me down from that.  She told me we had come together to create and raise our son.  I forgot this vision soon after just like I forget a nighttime dream.  Then in November of 2005 I had a sudden knowing in every cell of my body that my marriage was complete.  There was no wondering or debating in my mind.  It was the pure light of truth. Our son was a sophomore on the East coast at college.  I believe because of this inner guidance I had received, when the time came, it was the right time, and the divorce happened with such ease and grace.

220px-Adobe_in_Santa_Fe_at_the_Plaza_-_Hotel_Inn_and_Spa_at_LorettoA few days ago I was given guidance which at the time seemed like it was going to be really hard to follow.  I needed to cancel my trip to Sante Fe, even though I had made plans with a friend months ago.  I was shown that energetically I needed to be here.  But why, I still do not know.  It was interesting because my shamanic astrologer had told me that August was a huge transformational month for me, and for me to not make any plans in August — to let Spirit guide me in the moment where I needed to be and when. I decided to override this guidance as my friend and I had made plans, and it had been a long time since last seeing each other, and all sorts of other reasons.  But now a second guidance is coming through that I was not where I was suppose to be.  If I had listened more closely the first time and tuned in to my inner wisdom and guidance, I could have saved myself the money I lost on the airfare to Santa Fe as well as an opera ticket!

I feel so blessed to have the friends I have.  When I called my friend just a few days before I was scheduled to arrive and simply told her the truth, she at first replied how disappointed she was not to see me.  Then her voice perked up and she said how much she admired me following that guidance from spirit.  She understood.  Several years ago her astrologer had told her it was not a good time to travel, and she had overridden that guidance and had come here to my home, and she ended up breaking her leg!

I was also given more guidance that involved changing things I had committed to.  I have this huge thing of following through with what I say.  To say something and just change it feels unbearable to me.  And yet I was guided, and it was important.  I had taken on doing two things back to back.  There was something I had committed to earlier, and my energy was called to be in that first place.  I had thought I could do both things one after another.  The first event was a graduation party for someone so dear to my heart, and at the last minute that party got moved two hours later.  And the other person I had wanted to support and be there for during a difficult moment had the exact right person show up to help.

To my surprise and delight everything I was guided to do flowed with ease and grace and joy.  This was such a huge lesson for me that spirit is trump to all I have previously arranged through my mind and on the earthly planes.  When spirit speaks and guides, there is a greater wisdom than I can even be aware of.  When I pay attention, listen and then follow through the doors open.  TRUST is my greatest learning in all of this.


TOOLS for you to use in your life:

1)    Walking meditation asking the question “What most wants to come through me now”.  Walk for an hour.  It is best done in nature.  With every step you say the words continuing with the rhythm of your steps.  Returning your mind if it wanders to simple those words.  When you return home either journal or type on your computer and see what wants to come through.

2)    Sitting meditation for 15 minutes asking “what is my next step” and then listening.  Journal what you are given.

3)    Paying attention to your night time dreams.  Writing them down in the morning.

4)    Listening to your own inner voice and intuition.  Paying attention to the sensations and feelings in your body.  Stop over riding them with your mind.  Following what you are given.