Ever since the eclipse on May 20th it feels like my life has picked up speed.  It feels like I got swept up in some vortex of accelerated energy.  Life has been so full of people that I love and adore and amazing projects.  Life feels like it is bulging at the seams. I feel like I am running trying to catch up with it.

I find it is important for me to center and ground and connect with something much larger than myself during these times.  I once heard someone say that as things speed up it is important to slow down.

I find that starting my day by going to the lake on my kayak to a hidden place that is hard to get to, for my morning practice and meditation puts me in such a beautiful frame of being for the rest of my day.  It also helps to remember to do my “I wonder” inquiries.  I wonder how many amazing incredible miraculous and magical things are going to occur before I go to bed tonight, I wonder!!  I wonder how many people I am going to have an opportunity to really “see” and love today, I wonder!

Well one of those amazing miraculous and magical things that showed up for me was a Sound Healing and Water Blessing Ceremony by Peruvians Luzma Ampuera and Fred Clarke.  They had been brought to the western United States by Native American Chiefs to be part of healing ceremonies they were doing.  Luzma and Fred stayed an extra six days to do Sound Healings to raise money for their new healing sanctuary in Cuzco Peru.  It is called Nuna Ayni and translates to the beautiful giving and receiving going in and out in perfect balance.

While in the USA they had just been given a sacred eagle feather that had been in the war bonnet of one of the chiefs going back to the 1600’s!  Luzma and Fred in return gave from their hearts one of their sacred condor feathers.  There is ancient prophesy about the eagle and the condor coming together at this time on our planet!  The eagle represents the people of the North and the mind and the condor representing the people of the South and the heart.  It is not about one or the other but about the weaving and braiding of both ways now.

The Sound Healing that took place at MoonBear Sanctuary was truly profound.  We had about thirty people show up.  Every back-jack was used as people formed a circle around the circumference of the round yurt.  I like to call it the “womb room” because it truly feels like what takes place inside truly is part of giving birth to our new world- a world of love that works for all life.

From their website they speak of a sound healing circle:

“Hampi Muyu: sound healing circle

There are sounds and songs that are printed in our memory. Sounds and songs that wake up in time. Sounds and songs of our grandfathers and grandmothers that we carry in each cell of our body. Hampi Muyu is a circle. A circle of medicine where we call the spirit of our grandfathers and grandmothers as water, earth, air and fire, spirit of plants and animals that come to us and manifest.

So the spirit comes through the sound to bring back the balance of our own spirit; to give us peace of mind and heart so we can open our understanding. And there, in the middle of the silence and the sounds we clean and heal ourselves. Ancestral songs and sounds that help us to reconnect with the true essence of ourselves and everything around us. Hampi Muyu is a place / time to gather in the same prayer and same intention for ourselves, all our relations and our Mother Earth.”

During the Sound Healing ceremony my heart burst open and tears were streaming down my face.  Men and women shared similar experiences.  All of the sounds were amazing but towards the end when Luzma started to sing a prayer to our Mother Earth her words and voice and tune was hauntingly familiar, an ancient song of the mother that was imprinted in my cellular memory.  Suddenly everyone in the yurt burst forth  singing the song with Luzma, tears were flowing.  The ceremony was absolutely beyond beautiful.  What a truly miraculous magical day this turned out to be.


For more information about Nuna Ayni and Luzma and Fred http://www.nunaayni.org/en/nuna_ayni_cusco.html

Also, Luzma and I will be leading a sacred women’s journey in Peru for 15 days over Fall Equinox.  There are still spaces available.  For more information go to www.SoaringInLight.com