I am just back from spending a month in Peru.  My heart and soul are still in Peru but my body is now back to this home.  Before leaving for Peru my shamanic astrologer had told me I would connect with my star family in September.  I had a soul intuitive also give me a reading and talk about connecting with my star pattern, my star family but none of this made any sense to me. Not until being in Peru.  Upon arriving in Cusco and driving with Luzma and Daniel to Pisac we stopped at some scenic overlooks along the way.  I started to cry.  I knew I had finally returned home.  To a home I didn’t even know existed and there I was with my star family -which also included Fred.  More would become clear with time.

My shamanic astrologer, Sao Long, had told me the trip I was co-leading with Luzma Ampuero was huge energetically.  He said there were several themes.  One was an amazing opportunity to redefine and bring back into alignment the Scorpio energies which are the most yin or feminine of the zodiac.  How they have been misaligned, devalued and demonized through time.  It was time to bring the Scorpio yin energies back to their exalted place.  Another theme was redefining duality from the heart and not from the masculine mind.  It was also time to step into our courage and go bravely forward into the unknown.  Another theme was returning “home” to our soul home.

The soul intuitive, Asandra Lamb, said:  “Leading the trip to Peru will be successful exciting life changing for many and highly transformational.  There is a notion of entering a portal with the group of women.  There is a sense that we are meant to be together doing this work and there is a portal we go through together from the ancient ancient world where this group of women made a pact.  It is a pact for the goddess and light and higher frequencies and this group will come back together for this trip.  Not a large group but very focused. It is going to be very powerful.  This group is meant to come together for this, for power and awakening.  And then bring this back into their lives and community… it is a cosmic reunion.”

Sao agreed with what Asandra saw and said it was exactly what he saw.

Two nights before leaving for Peru I was sleeping outside in my screened in porch.  I had been sleeping outside all summer and loved being under the stars and in the fresh air.  This particular night I was suddenly awakened by the large thud of footsteps followed by a scraping sound of nails and a fierce loud growling.  I jumped out of bed and faced the noise commanding it to turn around and leave.  It – a huge bear, went just beyond the head of my bed continuing the now rhythmic growling. The next day both my sister and a dear friend shared dreams they had had about me and a grisly bear!

In creating the women’s group to Peru it was really important to me to keep the group small.  To have the exact right women energetically show up who had the consciousness and open hearts for what we were about to do. The most beautiful amazing women showed up!  Two would consistently remember Incan past lives while there.

I spent ten days in Pisac before the women’s journey would begin.  I surprised myself by how easy it was for me to acclimatize to the high altitude.  I only had a headache for a few hours and then it totally went away.  Chewing on the local coca leaves worked wonders for me.

The women flew into Cuzco and from there we went to Pisac, a small sweet picturesque town nestled up against huge mountains and the Inca site Intiwatana.  This journey to Peru was designed to be a journey of both our inner and outer landscapes.  Luzma is a sound healer and a curandero – trained the last 12 years on the use of the sacred plants ayahuasca and wachuma for healing.

We started our journey with a Q’ero ceremony creating a despacho which is then burned in a fire.  We were blessed to have Juanita and her son lead this ceremony. We would visit the sacred sights of Machu Picchu, Urumbamba, Ollantaytambo with the huge Condor image and have a sound healing in Moray. The entire journey was filled with magical moments.  One such moment occurred in Aquas Calliente.  We took a two hour hike to two waterfalls.  We were told one minute from the second waterfall was a power spot and we would feel it.  Sure enough, we stood around a stone altar all taking turns calling out prayers.  When we finished a bird sang out and then lightning struck and thunder boomed.  We then jumped into the freezing cold water under the waterfall.

Upon returning to Pisac we had our closing fire ceremony.  First Fred and Daniel prepared a special ceremony for us thanking us for the work we had done around the Divine Feminine energies. They had bouquets of flowers for each woman.  We had been so blessed to have these strong, wise and gentle men holding sacred space and cooking for us with such love.  In the fire ceremony a scorpion showed up.  Later after the women had left for their rooms I was still sitting around the fire with Fred.  Suddenly in a stern voice he asked me to stand up – I said “the scorpion is on me right?”  Sure enough.  She had crawled up my back to my right shoulder.  Fred blew her off of me.  It felt like the perfect sign… our work had been around the Scorpio energies and Scorpio is ruled by the scorpion, the eagle and the phoenix.  It felt like she came to say mission accomplished and once again the phoenix rises from the ashes with new life.  May this new life be one of the feminine energies in their highest truth and alignment and valued in our world today.  It is truly time for the masculine and feminine to work together in equilibrium no longer about one or the other out of balance.

There is a Native American prophesy about the eagle flying only in circles because the left wing symbolizing the feminine has been broken.  For the eagle to fly high and straight both the left wing of the feminine and right wing of the masculine are needed.

In Peru the Q’ero indigenous people related to the Inca hold the prophesy of the eagle and the condor.  The eagle represents the people of the North who come from their minds.  The condor represents the people of the South who live from their hearts.  Now is the time for bringing the mind and the heart together and living from this place of both.

Leave a comment and tell me what trips you have taken that have been life changing and highly transformational for you.