We here at Soaring In Light and Guiding Signs 101 just LOVE Dr. Laura.  I hope you were as deeply touched reading the first part of our blog about Dr Laura last week as we were.  We are excited to have part II from my interview with Dr. Laura today.  Dr. Laura is beautiful, she is brilliant and she is very wise.  She is such an amazing example of living our most Uniquely You self!  She is a trailblazer showing what the medical profession can look like infused with the feminine and our innate intuition.  If you feel touched and inspired reading what she has to share I hope you forward this to women in your life you love and share this with them.

I remember the first blog of Dr. Laura’s that I read and it was about the importance of going barefoot!  Yes a medical doctor talking about the gifts of the natural world and not telling us to numb our feelings and take another pill!  We are so blessed to be able to access Dr. Laura’s wisdom through her blogs and also her e-books.  She is also featured on The Grounded Movie coming out in winter/early spring.

After you read this blog about Dr. Laura I would like to invite you to close your eyes for a moment and just imagine what our world will look like with what Dr. Laura is doing now in the medical profession.  Just imagine the vast majority of medical doctors around the world embracing all parts of ourselves.  The masculine AND the feminine.  Honoring the feminine, honoring out bodies and honoring our hearts as well as our minds and our intuition.  Just imagine what a peaceful loving planet this can truly be.

Thank you Dr. Laura for all you are doing to bring about the new paradigm on our planet – one of love and a world that works for all life.

What message from the old paradigm medical profession do you see as the most harmful?

The thing I find most harmful about medicine (and even about natural modailites to some extent) is the idea that you need something other then yourself to make you healthy. Whether it be a natural supplement or a prescription or a certain diet or a treatment. While health can be channelled through all of these modailites, it is really YOU who is connected to health and healing and it is your body that does the healing. You do not need someone else’s permission to feel fully connected to well being. You do not need to be fully healed in order to be connected to well being. You are always in a state of health flow and you can enhance it in different ways but it always springs from you. You, and your personal connection to well being, is the source of all healing… not a medication or a surgical intervention or even a supplement or a wheetgrass fruit smoothie!

Here is an article from the Health Flow Unleash eCourse that DR Laura wrote to explain this more fully:
You are the one allowing the health and healing to flow. You are the master of the switch. You conduct the energy.

*You* are the one making new, healthy cells to replace the diseased ones. You are the one re-establishing the
natural equilibrium in your own body. No pill can make new healthy cells. No vitamin can create fresh tissue
where there was previously dis-ease. No chiropractic adjustment can sustain health without you aligning with a complete acceptance, and a new found identification, with health.

Without your body healing itself, no amount of medicine can make you better. Without your body healing itself, no surgery can fix you. Without your body healing it’s self, no vitamin can sustain you. If your body is not healing itself, nothing can.

If you have a tumor, a surgeon can remove it, and you can go on chemotherapy… and that is wonderful, as it clears out as much diseased cells as possible… but it is you, always you, who has the power to fully heal from the disease. You are the one who grows healthy cells to replace the diseased cells. Your body is the one that recovers it’s own equilibrium. Your body is what re-aligns with joy and abundance and health. The medicine does it’s part… but it does not sit around in your body and re-align each cell with the vibration of healing. No. It might kill a dis-eased

cell… it might help fortify your body in one way or another, but then it is excreted or used and it is no longer. You are left with your own abilities to invite health in. You are the one who clears the old dis-eased cells away and rebuilds your body anew.

If you have an infection, but you have no immune system, there is no antibiotic on earth that can save you. Doctors could hook up twenty simultaneous IV’s with liquid antibiotics pouring into you, but nothing will help. There is just no antibiotic that can fully clear an infection without help from your own immune system. Doctors rely on YOUR body to clean up the infection. On YOUR body to rebuild new cells. On YOUR body to recover.

If you have a cut, there are no amount of stitches that a doctor can sew into you that will heal the wound without YOUR body healing it. The stitches might hold the wound together, but it is *your* body that makes the first tenuous connective tissue threads that bond the tissue back together. It is your vasculature that re-establishes blood flow through the tissue. It is your skin that is made new.

If you have a broken bone, there are no amount of pins or steel rods that heal your bone. No thickness of cast can re- fuse the broken pieces back together. Doctors rely on YOUR bones to mend themselves. They may use pins, plates, brackets or rods to fuse them together, but the bones are still broken unless your bones heal together.

This is so important.

It makes YOU the boss.

It gives YOU the power.

It makes medicines and surgeries and supplements YOUR CHOICE.

You are the ultimate healer here. Whether you find healing in this body, or whether you find ultimate healing in leaving this body, you will always always restore yourself to well being.


And it gives you confidence in your self.

Because each of us has healed *ourselves* from an infinitely long list of damage and injury to our own body. Small things… stubbed toes. Poison Ivy. Paper cuts. Colds. A fever. Allergies. A twisted ankle. A burn from your curling iron. A finger smashed by the hammer when you were nailing up a painting. Large things… pneumonia. Cancer. Whiplash. Broken bones.

You know you have, can and do heal yourself on a daily basis. It is a *truth*, and you can hold this truth and turn it into a *knowing* about yourself.

You heal yourself every single day.

Every minute of every day your body is doing it’s job… it is literally a healing machine… a perfect gorgeous art form of health and healing, that renews itself every single day. With or without a medical intervention.

You don’t need to know how. You just need to *allow* the healing to occur.

Every stubbed toe, you have healed. Every paper cut, your body has healed. Every cold or infection, your body
has healed its self. A million times that you haven’t even been aware, your body has healed and returned itself to a healthy equilibrium before you have even been aware of the injury. Or the infection that entered your body but was cleared before you ever had a single symptom.

Every time you have had an infection and taken an antibiotic… don’t you dare give the antibiotic credit. YOU HAVE HEALED YOURSELF. The antibiotic has given you time. The antibiotic has put the bacteria at a disadvantage. But you have done the healing.

So you know, no matter what it is you face, this is what you do.

This is natural for you.

This is part of a month long, on-line eCourse I teach called Health Flow Unleash and you can find out more information about this fabulous, positive, health enhancing course here: Health Flow Unleash eCourse

If you could distill your message down to one sentence what would it be?

My most passionate health belief is that disease carries a message about the flow of energy through our body so that ultimately, symptoms and disease are actually there to re- establish health.

I see disease as a way of reaching a new level of healing and that we are always connected to the stream of well being, never disconnected… we just need to understand the message. That is what I love to do! I help patients understand the message their body is saying to them through their symptoms and illness. Check out my website at www.IntuitionPhysician.com to find out more!
xoxo, Laura