I have just returned from two months in Oaxaca, Mexico doing a Spanish Language immersion.  In the middle of September I was co-leading a sacred women’s journey in Peru.  Around our first fire ceremony and check in what came out of my mouth was that I was surrendering my life as I knew it to Spirit.  I hadn’t planned on saying that.  But that was my truth and what came through.  For the past six months I have been in a place of surrender, letting go and opening to what wants to come in or not! 

I really believe being in Oaxaca was part of my whole process of surrendering.  Surrendering what I think my life is supposed to look like.  Surrendering what I think I am supposed to do.  Surrendering life as I know it.  Being willing to be in the mystery and not knowing.  Learning a new language was also a great lesson in surrendering.  Surrendering looking good and knowing how.  Learning a language is not easy for me and doesn’t come naturally.  But I absolutely loved it.

I totally fell in love with Oaxaca.  It was winter and it was warm, actually hot.  Most of the time it was in the 90’s in the day.  I loved walking to school.  I loved all the jacaranda trees with their lavender blossoms often juxtaposed up against brightly colored bougainvillea trees.  I loved the warmth of the people.  I didn’t see many Americans or that many tourists really.  It was very different than being in a beach town that caters to tourists for their sustainability.  Oaxaca is a very pretty town and very clean.  If I ever had a map in my hand people would come over to help me find whatever it was I was looking for.  Everyone wanted to know where I was from and how long I would be there.  I was met with open arms and open hearts.  People were kind and never seemed to be judging.  I loved the food.  Oaxaca is known for great moles.  It is also a town filled with lots of festive music and parades.

I never saw people rushing.  They always had enough time.  There was enough time to stop for a conversation.  Enough time to listen to music or stop at the zocalo (town square).  What I experienced was a culture and people who were deeply connected to their hearts and to the rhythm of life – of our mother earth.  I feel so deeply grateful for this amazing experience and to all the people who deeply touched my heart.  Coming home I have hundreds of loose ends to attend to.  But instead of burying my head in work and not surfacing to breathe I am doing it differently this time.  I am making it a priority to see my friends and share our heart connection and to say YES to life, YES to love!!!