We had a wonderful workshop here at MoonBear Sanctuary over the weekend. We were in touch with our highest self and our guides. Everyone was having profound experiences in the mediations. Then one beautiful young woman shared that all of this so deeply resonated with her heart and soul. But when she got back to her life in L.A. with her intellectual friends she was afraid that this would disappear, go away. She feared not being able to hold on to the truth and the wisdom in her everyday life. Then “Farmer John” as he had endearingly been nicknamed spoke with such eloquence and passion and humor. I wish I could have had a recording of him! He spoke about being in that place of trust and openness and that place where magic effortless occurs. You ask for what you need and it is immediately given. He had some great stories of creating the opening for this weekend to be possible and had all of us smiling and laughing.

From the Guiding Signs 101 Card Deck. No U-Turn:
No, you mustn’t turn back.
Keep your focus; stay on track.
The way forward is straight ahead.
Trust your wisdom; you are being led!

Think of a time when you were going down the road to a new destination. Sometimes you found yourself traveling through unfamiliar terrain. The No U-Turn card is telling you to follow that mystery. You might be tempted to turn back to what feels safe, familiar, and comfortable, even though you know you’ve outgrown that place and you are being called forward.

It’s comfortable to stay in the past because there’s a safety in what you know. But it means you’re not growing or unfolding your deepest gifts and talents. It takes courage to allow yourself to be in the mystery of the unknown. It’s like a seed germinating in the darkness. In that darkness you don’t see what is happening or what the next steps are going to be. You have to be in a place of trust so that the seed can grow.

The No U-Turn card is a call for you to dare to go forward into the unknown instead of staying in the familiar. If you’ve drawn this card today, make sure you stay on the road to your truest journey.