No uturnAs my Guiding Signs 101 “No U-Turn” card encourages, stay the course!  Have the courage not to return to old comfort zones!  In fact, the coming Summer Solstice and full moon provide great opportunities to create or strengthen the Shift we are in with Ritual you can use now and up to 72 hours after the solstice– Thursday June 20th at 10:04pm PDT is the Summer Solstice and then on Sunday June 23rd  at 4:32am PDT is the Full Moon.

Reminder: We are no longer standing on the old paradigm  (the paradigm of dominating, or “power over” something, a paradigm used by the patriarchy and left-brain thinking.  We have entered into a new paradigm, a new era, as the Mayan elders and Mayan Calendar show us, a new 26,000-year cycle!  And yet, the old is still here as the new is coming in.  It can feel unsettling as the old is giving way and the new is just being co-created and we don’t know exactly what the new paradigm looks like.  We know it isn’t about “power over”, domination and war; rather, it is about love and the Aquarian Age of coming together in groups and the “power to” cooperate and accomplish that which is good for all.  It is about the higher turn of the spiral of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine coming together in partnership. Equality. Working together in harmony.  We each are part of co-creating what this will all look like. We are creating it now!  I invite you to use the powerful energetic time of the Summer Solstice and full moon to co-create what you would most like in your life now.  What we each do individually affects the whole.

imagesYou may have heard these ancient axioms: “As above so below”, and “As within so without”.   What is in the heavens, the spiritual world, the stars and planets will be reflected here on earth.  The celestial bodies influence us.  Astrology reflects this.  And what we energetically are vibrating, our thoughts and feelings – will be reflected in our outer world.
Some of the most powerful times in the cycles of the year are the equinoxes and solstices.   The indigenous peoples, ancient cultures, and our ancestors, knew how to align with the energies of the cosmos; hence many of the sacred sites and pyramids were built for this energetic connection. Summer solstice, when the sun appears to stand still, the longest day of the year, is an important time for most Indigenous people. The sun is the center of life itself and is considered to be the creative force of the world.  In Peru the Inca’s believe they are the children of the sun and that is where they came from.  The Druids celebrated Summer Solstice as the wedding of Heaven and Earth. The Goddess manifests as Mother Earth and God as Sun King.  The summer solstice has generally been celebrated around the world as a time of great fertility.  During the Summer solstice, the veils between the worlds are very thin.  In solar religions, the sun at the summer solstice represents the spiritual ascension, enlightenment and the return to oneness, to our divine source.

With the sun at the highest point in the sky and shining the brightest and longest, this is a time to really be able to see our shadow, symbolically that which is disowned, not manifested within us –both positive and negative.  The sun is in Cancer and the moon is in Capricorn. Full moons give us an opportunity to integrate polarities.  From astrologer Stephanie Austin “Polarity: the only way to resolve an opposition is to go to the next level.  An opposition is a duality – we can go back and forth forever in a duality. However, if we go into a higher level of unity, into heart centered consciousness then we can hold both sides of the polarity and we go into a third state—a synthesis.”

Strawberry moonThe new and full moons are powerful times of the month.  This full moon of June has been called the “honey moon”,  “strawberry moon” and the “rose moon” by various traditions, noting the fertility of this time which has also become a popular month for weddings because of this. This is also the time for abundance.  This particular full moon is a super “super moon” meaning it will be the closest to the earth and appear the largest for all of 2013.

Full moons are a time of heightened awareness, being more psychic or intuitive, feelings and emotions.

With the summer solstice and full moon energy occurring so close together this June 20 and 23 of this year, 2013, it is a very powerful time to work on what part of your shadow are you ready to release, and what part of your shadow are you ready to own.  So what parts of you are still in opposition?   Bring your feminine and masculine into partnership and marriage for greater alignment and wholeness. For growth and abundance in your life call in  love, peace, joy or a talent or gift or whatever you intend. It is always much more powerful to call in the actual state rather than a specific thing. Get in touch with your heart and let your heart lead the way.

Tools and ideas to really take advantage of this powerful time. 

I like to start to start with an intention.  What is your intention?  Keep it simple – just a few words or a sentence.

I find to call something in it is powerful to FIRST clear something out.  Since this is such a great time to work on your shadow with the sun shining so long and the solstice being a powerful portal- your shadow is more lit up.  First of all, ways to identify your shadow…. Where do you feel a charge with other people?  Often our shadows are hidden from us and they are the places we project what is inside of ourselves onto other people.

My new friend and an amazing astrologer, Stephanie Austin gave me the Square technique to do.  I am including it here for you to use.  Start with that.  It has the ability to cut off what you would normally need months, years or lifetimes to work through on the physical plane because it is mental and gives you the opportunity to rapidly see things that are hidden in your unconscious.

• The shadow technique (“squares”) comes from a book by Leslie Temple-Thurston entitled The Marriage of Spirit, detailed at this link:

• Leslie Temple Thurston offers a number of helpful free downloads at

15 minute Conscious Awareness Meditation  (free), Burning Karma CD ($13 download; $17 CD):

You can create an altar with candles to represent the fire of the sun and water to represent the moon.  Roses and sunflowers are two flowers I love to use on my altars at this time.  They also represent the feminine and masculine.  Add some pretty seashells or stones or crystals.

me on the islandYou may want to take a walk and connect with nature.  If you want to have your ceremony indoors make sure to drink some water, play some beautiful soft music that you love, turn off phones and make sure you have some quiet undisturbed time.  Have a journal and pen handy.  Start with gratitude, start listing all the things you are grateful for and really feel that gratitude in your heart.  What are the states you most want in your life… joy, love, peace, etc.  Tune into what is most important to you.  What gifts do you have that you may be shy about bringing forward but you know it is your gift and passion.  Doing the Squares process could have illuminated what was in the way.  Are you ready to take a step in your truest direction now?

Often when I need to know something that is hidden I will journal and start with the question “In the wisdom of my highest self what I most know to be true about ____ is – and then just let your pen flow.  Do not stop or pause for at least 10 minutes.  Set a timer.  When you pause your critic can jump in.  So let your higher-self write without any pauses and as fast as you can.

Summer Solstice has been known as a time to work with the fairy and little people realm.  They lived on the physical plane with us until the human being became so destructive and it was no longer safe to be seen and on this plane.  But they are still every bit as real as if you could see them.  You can leave them a gift, they love little cookies especially with sparkles and they like glittery things and also tea.  You can also ask them for guidance or help and they also bring abundance.

The full moon is a great time to see what is not working; it can become illuminated.  Is it time to let it go or is time to work on taking it to the next level in a new way.  The full moon is a time of heightened creativity.  This would be a good time to paint or create a collage from any insights you have been given.  Doing this helps things you receive on the higher planes to actually land in the physical dense.

What is ONE thing you can commit to doing over the next six months until the winter solstice that is about Self Love.  Loving yourself in a way you want to be loved.  A simple thing is smiling at yourself and saying I love you when you pass a mirror.  Putting one hand over your heart and the other on your tummy as you fall to sleep and lovingly hold yourself and look at your strengths and what you love about yourself.  The outer world is a mirror of your inner world.  This is where real love starts – inside to the outside.

Perhaps you want to gather with some friends around a bonfire and dance and sing, drum and chant or pray under the glow of this magnificent full moon.

Here is a list of ideas from my toolkit– check inside and see if you have other ideas of your own.  Have FUN this is a time of joy and great celebration!