I had been in and out of a relationship with a boyfriend four times. I had just led a women’s journey to the rainforest in Ecuador. While there I drew reversed butterfly twice in a row from my Medicine Cards. The message was that it was time to make a change in my life. As I went to bed that night I asked for a dream to clarify what the change needed to be.

I dreamt of being in a taxi with my boyfriend, going on an international trip; we were going to listen to the Dalai Lama. My boyfriend was in the front seat and I was in the back seat. He had on eye shades. I put my hand on his chest and told him I needed to get out of the taxi; I didn’t have my passport and I hadn’t packed a suitcase. I knew when I woke from my dream it was time to have completion and that our relationship was over.

Before leaving for the rainforest trip we both had meetings in the Bay Area and had spent the night in a hotel there. I noticed he had backed his car into a parking space. I backed in next to his car. That was at 11pm in the dark. The next morning when I went to leave I had a parking ticket for nearly $300. I hadn’t seen the blue paint on the handicapped parking space. Upon returning home I went to his house,  intending to break up with him. He was really down, sensing something wasn’t right. He had made me a beautiful dinner. I ended up not breaking up with him, and spent the night there.

The next morning at the crack of dawn there was a horrible noise from a garbage truck. When I departed and went to get into my car a few hours later, I saw a note on the windshield and the back and side of my car smashed in. The garbage truck had hit me. I hadn’t seen when I parked late that night that I had parked in a red zone!! I threw up my arms and said “OK, I get it!! This is not where I am suppose to be parked!!!” I was staying past the life of our relationship and I was being shown loud and clear.