Foreword by Kathleen McIntire, article by Robbyne LaPlant

Being born in 1952 I am a Water Dragon.  It is very exciting for me to see that 2012 is also the year of the Water Dragon.  It only happens every 60 years!  In my last blog I was sharing about the importance of tuning into nature for co-creating in 2012.  I would like to share the following from Robbyne La-Plant’s latest newsletter as it talks about 2012 as the year of the Water Dragon as well as how to most fully use the energy of this new moon for creating your deepest intentions.

Robbyne is a friend and she is a woman doing incredible and powerful work around the world.  I highly recommend her website and the journeys she leads.  She also gives intuitive readings.  We look forward to having her come to MoonBear Sanctuary and share her work when the timing allows!!


New Moon on January 23rd begins the “Year of the Water Dragon”

By: Robbyne La-Plant

The year of the Yang Water Dragon, brings many possibilities for good fortune.  We as human beings share this beautiful water planet with many other life forms.  Our bodies are water vessels and we are comprised of 70% water.   Water has been defined as a conduit so we can make this a powerful year of change and new vision if we choose individually and come together collectively. 2012 is the Year of unity and oneness as Grandmother Spider awakens us from the sleeping slumber we have been under to heal the Web.  This begins by first healing ourselves and then weaving a new dream.   Water symbolizes the blood of our earth mother so ceremony done around water and with water will be very powerful to heal the song and spirit lines that are woven into the cosmic web.

In the Chinese element theory, water produces wood, which signifies growth and is the natural element of the dragon.  This is a five year which is all about expansion, growth and movement forward.  A Water Dragon year occurs every 60 years, the last being in 1952.   The water dragon year begins with the New Moon January 23, 2012. The dragon is the 5th sign of the Chinese zodiac and it is regarded as an auspicious symbol which stands for power, good luck, success, and happiness.

On this powerful new moon, I always do a special ceremony incorporating the color red on my altar as red is the color of power, good luck and good fortune.  For me it also symbolizes manifesting into our physical experience that which begins with focused intention and dreams.  On the altar place a red candle, red roses and I like to add three cinnamon sticks tied with a red ribbon.  Add a bowl of water and place red rose petals in the water.  Use cinnamon incense to honor the air spirits who will carry your dreams to the unseen world where all is created.  I share with you ideas that work for me, but always follow what feels right in your heart.  There are wonderful Feng Shui envelopes of red and gold where I will write my intentions on a clean and special piece of paper, parchment or linen paper is best but plain white will certainly work. You can also use a red envelope.  If you can’t find any of the above, take a regular envelope and tie a red ribbon around it.  I always write my intention with the words… I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR….. Part of preparing for the new Moon is making sure you are clear about your intentions.   At the end write the words So Be It and So It Is.   Fold the paper towards you symbolizing receiving all that you are setting the intentions for.  Place in the envelope, seal it and place under the red candle.  (Fire safety always place a plate on top of the envelope and then the candle).  New Moons are a blank page on which to speak your dreams out loud.  Light the incense to honor the air spirits, the candle to honor the fire spirits, the bowl of water and rose petals, honors the water and earth spirits.   Let the candle burn completely. At the end of your ceremony offer the water back to the earth and dispose of the candle.  Keep the envelope on your altar or in a safe place for the entire year.  At the turning of the cosmic wheel at the time of the galactic alignment on 12:21:12, the Winter Solstice you will burn the envelope in a Gratitude ceremony.  Every New Moon you have an opportunity to refocus and recharge your intentions.  The new moon phase is an optimal time for planning and seeding your intentions. Seedlings need a period of gestation before they break through the soil and reach for the sunlight. This is also true for our ideas and our desires. The dark side of the moon, with its mysterious unseen forces, offers a nurturing environment where our intentions can establish roots before their miraculous manifestations begin to sprout and reach out to the stars. On the day of the new moon, wear Red for good luck and to embrace the dragon year. If red is not your color, incorporate red as an accessory or wear red under garments.