Are you feeling extremes in your life these days? I certainly am.  There are times I feel like I am being tested.  What keeps showing up for me has to do with boundaries and really being in my heart and truth and power all at the same time.  I need to communicate boundaries that are not being honored or respected by people on the outside.  It is interesting this is showing up with people I don’t know well and not from my inner circle.

The other thing that is showing up is the most amazing magical and miraculous things in my life and those that are close to me.  I am amazed to witness how friends are co-creating the new paradigm on our planet.

My dear friend, Mary Elizabeth, wrote me a check for the deposit of the Peru Journey I am leading with Luzma Ampuero from September 18 to October 2nd.  When she handed me the check a few months ago she said “I don’t have the money right now to pay for this trip, but by giving you this $500 non-refundable deposit I am telling the universe I am serious and know I am called to be on this journey and I know in my heart the universe will meet me with the money I need for this journey.”  Mary Elizabeth is one of my greatest teachers about total faith and manifesting what is needed.  Sure enough within a few weeks I got a text from her saying I wouldn’t believe how it all came about but the money was in place.  I am going to have Mary Elizabeth share her beautiful story with you in one of our next blogs.

Yesterday I was on the phone talking to my dear friend, Dawn Engle who is the co-founder of PeaceJam – with 13 Nobel Peace Laureates including the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu.  Dawn was telling me about a PeaceJam Affiliate Leaders Retreat they had just had with leaders from PeaceJam.  She had borrowed my book “the Four Fold Way” by Angeles Arrien when she was here visiting me and took it home.  She knew she wanted the people in the meetings to get in touch with the four directions and how they lived in each one of them.  During the meetings they explored the meanings of each direction, North the Warrior, South the Healer,  East the Visionary and West the Teacher and the importance of claiming all the directions and having them fully living within ourselves.

Dawn then introduced the Guiding Signs 101 cards and the importance of listening to our inner voice and our own intuition.  They then played with the cards, asking questions and getting the reflections from the cards that were pulled and sharing the significance with the others.

What people got was the importance of living in their hearts and minds – having them united and listening to their inner voice.  By the time they went on to business items they were all very much aligned and connected with each other and were able to go very deep in a short amount of time.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the

rational mind is a faithful servant.

We have created a society that honors the

servant and has forgotten the gift.

-Albert Einstein

I had a few strange days last week that were very surreal.  If I had been in a movie I said it would be titled “I love Lucy intersects with the Twilight Zone”.  My day time life was looking more like a night time dream than my night time dreams!

The feeling I have is that we truly are in a quickening and everything is taking place so fast, the evolution of our consciousness.  Sometimes I feel that my physical body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body are moving into this new dimension at different rates which can throw me off balance.  The things I have found most helpful is to come from my heart first and to be spending time in nature.  I also needed to let go of my “to do” list and the computer and surrender to the calling of honoring heart friends and birthdays and celebrations of life – all things connected to my heart! As I had been preparing for leading the journey to Peru and my upcoming departure next week I had found I had become a slave to my “to do” list and felt such a liberation when I surrendered to my heart.

I also celebrated my 60th birthday, which was in April but wanted to really celebrate in August when it was really warm and we could play outside.  The theme of my party was “Wild and Free to Be”.  I encouraged people to wear outrageous costumes to have FUN!  I had on a burgundy wig and a pink tutu like net skirt!  We even had MaMuse performing a live concert around the swimming pool.  Their music is so conscious and so full of love.  By the second song as I looked around at my friends and saw everyone beaming and so happy I just started to cry from joy!  It was the most perfect birthday party I can imagine.  I am so grateful to all my friends and my community for creating the space where we can totally show up as who we are and be real and not feel the need to pretend or put on a mask!

Ma Muse video

I am reminded of what Ian Lundgold said in The Mayan Calendar Goes North documentary…. As time speeds up the only way to navigate is through our intuition and not our mind.  The mind can only take in something like 24 frames per second, the mind has a speed limit.  Our intuition is nearly infinite in what it can take in.  Here is to living in your heart and intuition and being your most awesome UNLIMITED self!!

P.S. I am also including two links to astrologers that have a New Moon and Full Moon update each month.  I find their wisdom very beneficial in understanding the energies that are present on our planet and how to best work with them.  You can easily subscribe to them if you also find them beneficial.

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