Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next.” – Jonas Salk

Erin Cote

After a recent discussion with my mom about intuition while using Guiding Signs 101, she was excited to share a story about helping a family member with her intuition. She suddenly felt inspired to take her sister-in-laws invitation to attend a monthly church luncheon.  After months of declining invitations she knew it was finally the right time to go. “We keep getting invited, let’s go!” she says. The luncheon guest of honor who presented calls herself a Health Advocate for Seniors, traveling around the country availing seniors of little-known, hidden and often buried health care programs. As she discussed the ways seniors aren’t taking full advantage of programs that can help them, she came to a practically secret

Erin's Mom

benefit for veterans. Veterans who’ve served more than 30 days during war time are eligible for additional compensation, if they know to apply for it, though they aren’t told about it. This benefit as it turns out can also go to their spouse. While hearing this, my mom began to pay keen attention. Intrigued by this information she had an insight. “Even though this would not affect me personally, I just KNOW there will be someone I can help with this information.”  She couldn’t have imagined it was going to be the very next day. My ailing grandma, Ellie called my mom and shared that she had been in the hospital for two weeks rehabilitating from back surgery.  Compounding the matter she needed to continue rehabilitation in the hospital unable to leave because she lives alone. “They have to let me out by Christmas or I don’t know how I’m going to pay for this!”  Understandably my retired grandmother on a fixed income was stressed about paying for this continuing treatment. My mother was thrilled to share what she just learned, knowing that my grandpa had served in WWII. Grandma’s application is in! She’s enrolled for benefits. At least now she can have some piece of mind allowing her to heal and focus on what matters, her health.  What a blessing for our family!  Way to use your intuition mom! Internet high five!