When my son was in High School he asked to have a family meeting. The subject was Christmas presents. He said he loved Christmas and Christmas dinner but hated the whole “present thing. It created such stress for him. He felt like we had so much, why were we even giving presents to each other? He said what he loved most was sitting around the table sharing Christmas dinner together, connecting and conversation. We started at that time to reach out to a family that could really use the help and gave them the money we would have spent on our family. I will never forget the beautiful thank you letter from a mother that had adopted many handicapped children and the difference it had made in their lives. That was a decade ago. We still don’t give gifts to each other. In fact, I don’t give Christmas gifts. I even stopped doing my annual Christmas cards. Now I send heartfelt cards that I make at Thanksgiving or Valentines. But what if that all sounds way too drastic in your life! What if you DO want to give gifts but want them to be heartfelt and meaningful? Here is a gift guide that comes from my heart. These gifts are empowering and supportive for these times we are living in. These are truly great gifts for any occasion- all through the year. What about giving yourself a gift this year? Can you say “no” to one party, dinner, event or something you don’t want to do. Give yourself the gift of soaking in a bubble bath instead of that thing you are dreading doing… or going to the movies by yourself seeing something that calls to your heart! Find something that nurtures your heart and soul and makes you feel happy!

12 Holiday Gifts to Inspire & Enlighten, create connection and bring more joy and love!

1. The Gift of Following Your Bliss

Finding Joe, by Patrick Takaya Solomon, is an absolutely inspiring movie- one that you’ll want to share with loved ones to watch again and again. It explores Mythologist Joseph Campbell’s studies and their impact on our society and daily lives. Finding Joe shows how Campbell’s work is relevant and essential in today’s world. It provides a narrative for how to live a fully realized life – or as Campbell would say, how to “follow your bliss”. The film explains the stages of what Campbell called The Hero’s Journey: the challenges, the fears, the dragons, the battles, and the return home as a changed person.
I love this film. I was writing about the importance of being our most unique self when I paused my writing and went to see this movie that I knew nothing about. Joseph Campbell was saying the things that I had been writing about the things that were closest to my heart. I was so excited to discover for the first time in my life the Hero’s Journey and the map of being on this journey. I have loved this film so much and have shared it with friends coming to stay with me, people I have coached, with a women’s film circle I host once a month. A great gift for a teenager, college student or for anyone. It is about the power of following our bliss.

2. The Gift of Grounding for Children

From The Ground Up, by Intuition Physician, Dr. Laura Koniver. Imagine a picture book that you can share with your child… one that doesn’t just entertain or soothe or comfort… one that facilitates healing! It’s the perfect way to share the healing message of grounding with those you love most. This book explains and fully illustrates the science behind grounding and the magic within! A beautiful tool that illustrates a path towards healing, a book you can read while you connect with the earth that shows children through words and original artwork why Mother Earth is such a comforting, healing power.
Dr. Laura has been an absolute God-dess send in my life. She is beautiful inside and out, smart and wise, she is a medical doctor that incorporates the feminine truths into her practice. I can only imagine what the whole world could look like with more Dr. Laura’s in our lives. Please visit her website for other powerful and inspiring books. For example, Stepping Into Power, Female Health, describes how powerful our female reproductive organs are and being a female. I wish I would have had this book when I was a young woman growing up. Since we can’t all have Dr. Laura for our own personal physician for ourselves and our family we can tap into her immense love, heart and wisdom through her books!

3. The Gift of Unique Friendship

A Lion and Whale Can Dance, by (Fizzy) Firouz Ardalan and artist Ben McIntire. A whimsical story about an unlikely friendship between two lonely creatures: a lion and a whale. With animations, audio, interactive games and more, your kids will love the original story and interactivity. This is a book to be read together but, with ‘read to me’ features and an interactive ‘critter hunt.’

Yes, I am a very proud parent!  My son, Ben, did all of the artwork for this book.  It is an inspiring children’s book about loneliness and finding love and friendship with someone totally unique and different from ourselves.  You will see, a lion and a whale truly can dance!!  It comes as an app for your iphone or ipad and for only $3.99, makes a great inexpensive but beautiful gift from the heart. And being on your iphone you will never be away from home without a story just when your child most needs one! Also available as a PDF Download

4. The Daily Gift of Intuition

Guiding Signs 101: Guidance Cards for a Smooth Ride on Your Life’s Journey, Author Kathleen McIntire with Artist Erin Cote. Using everyday road signs Guiding Signs 101 is a simple, powerful way to: find answers to challenging questions, connect to your voice of intuition and support others in connecting to their intuition in a way that is fun and easily accessible. Whether you’re wanting a deeper relationship with your partner, family, or friends, Guiding Signs 101 is a fun, easy tool for creating connection with others. This powerful tool allows for conversation to open effortlessly, opening the door for real sharing with the people in your life. In the guidebook you will find poems, daily inquiries, and deeper meanings for each of the 44 road signs to help you along your life’s journey. Just play and have fun with the cards or let them take you deeper. Find an online interactive sample Here!

I created these cards out of love to help people get in touch with their intuition and inner wisdom. That is how the cards even came pouring into my consciousness! With the playful and fun artistry of Erin Cote these cards can be used with nearly anyone in your life. The unexpected gift we have found from people using them is that when they are shared with others they create intimacy and connection. Use them by yourself to help with decisions and tapping into your inner wisdom. Use them with your friend, partner or kids for sharing and closeness. Great fun for the morning, after school or at dinner time! Just follow the inner calling of your heart.

5. The Gift of Animal Wisdom

Animal Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small, Ted Andrews. Open your heart and mind to the wisdom of the animal world. Animal Speak provides techniques for recognizing and interpreting the signs and omens of nature. Meet and work with animals as totems and spirit guides by learning the language of their behaviors within the physical world. Animal Speak shows you how to: identify, meet, and attune to your spirit animals; discover the power and spiritual significance of more than 100 different animals, birds, insects, and reptiles; call upon the protective powers of your animal totem.

This book and his accompanying book, Animal Wise: The Spirit Language and Signs of Nature, are two of the most used reference books in my entire house.  I love to know the deeper meanings of things.  Each animal, insect, mammal has a certain “medicine” it carries, a symbolic meaning. Here are some of the things I have looked up:  a grosbeak building a nest by my front door, getting stung by a wasp, a bear cub knocking on my front door, crows flying overhead as we hand- built our sweat lodge.  It seems like nearly every day I am curious and amazed to find out the connection and meaning of the animals and insects showing up in my life.  These books really help to connect you to the natural world and find deeper meaning in your life and what is taking place.

6. Sounds from the Angels

Angel Codes: Messages from the Archangels. Tom Kenyon is one of the most respected sound healers in the world today. This audio CD will transport you to the celestial and Archangelic realms of experience- truly transformational and healing. Also recommended, The Ghandarva Experience, is a unique listening experience. Tom also offers FREE Sound healing recordings online. Each one has a specific intent and guidance on how to best embody the sound healing offered. You can find them here!
I love Tom Kenyon’s work!  I have studied Sound Healing from him.  I have traveled to Nepal and Tibet with Tom and his partner Judi Sion.  Tom has a four octave range with his voice.  I have found his intentions to be pure and his CD’s amazing.  I have used the Ghandarva Experience numerous times in ceremony or just on my own.  I love how it is about toning from your heart- to give to the Archangels that he calls into the room.  The side benefit is the energetic bubble that radiates out for miles!!  We ask so much from our spiritual guides and helpers it is such a gift to gift back and it fills my heart with overflowing joy and love!!

7. Shamanic Journeying Through Drumming

Shamanic Journey Solo and Double Drumming, Michael Harner. Over tens of thousands of years, shamans developed a time-tested system of healing, using journeying with the rhythmic drum. Michael Harner uncovered and synthesized these methods, enabling a breathtaking and personal access to the spiritual realms that are available to everyone. These teachings make it possible to connect with the entire cosmos. This Journey Work is explained in more depth in his book, The Way of the Shaman.
Shamanic drumming journeys have provided a wealth of insight and guidance in my life. I have done many journeys with someone physically present providing the drumming but that is usually not possible! I have also used Michael Harner’s drumming CD’s with the same amazing journeys and insights. I started doing shamanic drumming journey’s in 1999.  I am still finding many of the visions they showed me in the past have not only given me insight and direction they have also been realized on the physical plane.

8. Accessing Your Mind’s Full Potential

Heal Your Mind, Rewire your Brain: Applying the Exciting New Science of Brain Synchrony for Creativity, Peace and Presence, Patt Lind-Kyle. You will learn how to access your four brainwave patterns and learn how to gain access at will to these brainwaves and become master of your own mind. The training presented in the book helps focus one’s attention, quiets a scattered mind, and brings flexibility and clarity. A great accompaniment to this book is her two set companion audio CD. Each track is a specific mediation related to a brain wave pattern. The Beta frequency range: associated with increased alertness, vividness and clarity. The Alpha frequency range can improve concentration and memory. The Theta and Delta ranges are associated with deepened, relaxed creativity and deeper meditative states.

Patt is a friend and a mentor.  I have spent so many hours in theta states accessing from that profound place of wisdom for making decisions and going forward in my life.  I love her guided theta meditation from the CD.  It is so full of joy to experience and the places they have taken me have been an incredible and magical journey filled with wisdom and guidance!

9. The Gift of Daily Awakening

The Book of Awakening, Mark Nepo. A modern classic and daily guide for living, reminding us that the life we’re living is the life we have and our life lived authentically it can–and does–become the life we want. This book truly speaks to our hearts.

This wonderful book was given to me as a birthday gift many years ago.  It has wisdom for every day of the year.  This book touched my heart and soul so deeply I bought a huge stack of books to gift to the people in my life that I loved and knew would be inspired by the beautiful and deep wisdom shared in this book.

10. The Gift of Truth and Inspiration through Poetry

My Secret is Silence Poetry and Sayings of Adyashanti. These unique expressions of Truth are both a celebration of life and an invitation to the deep and joyful surrender into the Self. Although awakened in the Zen tradition, his teachings come from emptiness, free of any tradition or ideology, and touch the heart in the tradition of the great mystic poets, Rumi and Hafiz. After 15 years of Zen practice, his teachings have been compared to those of the early Zen masters and speak deeply to all seekers of Truth.
Adyashanti has a way of expressing things I have glimpsed or felt but not ever articulated in a way that I constantly have that “aha moment”. I feel a deep alignment and resonance with what he communicates.  He continually points the way to waking up!!

11. The Gift of Creativity

The Artist’s Way: Creative Kingdom Collection, by Julia Cameron. Includes The Artist’s Way Book, Workbook, Journal, and audio edition. Julia Cameron leads you though a twelve-week program into your creativity, helping you to move past blocks and limiting beliefs and into unleashing your full creative potential. This book links creativity to spirituality by showing how to connect with the creative energies of the universe. Also available: The Artist’s Way Starter Kit.

This is a timeless book on accessing your innate creativity.  I used it for myself in 1995 and then while living in London, England in 2002. I taught a course called “The Artists Way and More” using the book as the backbone.  It was actually while teaching this that the Guiding Signs 101 Cards came through to me.  It is perfect to do on your own or with a group. Unlock and unleash your creativity and have fun!  This book will help show you the way!

12. The Gift of Indigenous Wisdom

Four-Fold Way: Walking the Paths of the Warrior Teacher, Healer and Visionary, Angeles Arrian, is one of the most beloved best-selling books on cross-cultural, archetypal and wisdom practices of Leadership, Healing, Creativity, Vision and Teaching found around the world. Through extensive research as a cultural anthropologist, she’s integrated universal practices found cross-culturally in indigenous and wisdom traditions that focus on a path to developing wisdom.

I had the incredible gift to study under Angeles Arrien for three years – from 1999 to 2001.  We used the Four-Fold Way as the structure for our class.  Studying with Angeles Arrien and this book has had a profound impact on my life.  Committing to give up a life of duty and live a life of heart and meaning has altered my entire life.  The teachings of the Indigenous from around the world continue to impact and teach me.  I am in deep gratitude to the Indigenous Elders for the wisdom they have held on to and for leading us at this important moment in time on our planet.  This book synthesizes the Indigenous wisdom from around the world and puts it together in four easy to read and understand parts.


Other Valuable Resources- Some Free & Some to Subscribe

1. New and Full Moon Astrological updates 

Eco Astrology Forecast, Stephanie Austin. This twice monthly New Moon and Full Moon Update provides an owner’s manual and roadmap for identifying and staying on your path. It outlines potentials, not predictions. It details what you came to learn, and what you came to share.  It validates what you already know in your heart and soul. EcoAstrology Updates are emailed every two weeks, before each new and full moon.

Also, Patricia Liles, FREE powerful Astrology Updates! Send an email to be included on her list: patliles@aol.com

I joyously look forward to these New Moon and Full Moon astrological updates that come twice a month- a few days before the new or full moon.  Both Stephanie and Pat are incredible astrologers. I love the ways they overlap as well as the ways they are unique and see different things.  What they say is always aligned with the astrological energies as these times we are living in are so profound.  I find knowing what energies are present really helps me to best utilize and work with them.  Stephanie also provides a vast list of resources in each email to go even deeper.

2. Shamanic Astrology, Sao Long

Sao offers an Astrology Tele-Update on current alignments and energies- Sign up for his newsletter for the next session. Shamanic Astrology is a nontraditional, cutting-edge, system of astrology specifically created to track the journey of your soul. It is astrological wisdom and knowledge passed to us from ancient Mesopotamia, Chaldea, Egypt, India, Greece, etc. In a private session with Sao, you will discover, Your Lineage also referred to as “your past story line.” The True Intent of Your Soul, also referred to as “your current and future storyline” Your Strategy, also referred to as “Your Tools and Equipment” Your Current and Upcoming Planetary Cycles, also referred to as “the current life cycles you’re in.”

Sao has a way of connecting the dots of your life that you always knew were there but suddenly they come together and you GET your life in a whole new and inspiring way.  I have seen people come alive and light up in a whole new way after having a reading with Sao.  I have gifted sessions with Sao to young people that I feel are here to make a difference in our world as I value and see the impact a reading with Sao has on each person’s life, including my own!.  I treasure my personal sessions with Sao as well as the on-line tele classes.  They are all amazing.

3. The Morning Blessing, Reverend Angela Peregoff

The Morning Blessings are sent to you FREE via email each morning, Monday through Friday.  If you enjoy starting your day with words that affirm life’s greatness then each morning, Angela will greet you with words that serve to awaken, rekindle, and intensify your natural evolutionary process. Angela channels guides, is a Science of Mind Minister as well as incorporating many other traditions into her work to assist those with the ascension energies.  She shares what energies are present and Monday’s email is longer and delves into the energies present.  They are also very inspirational.
4. HeartMastery by HeartMath

Gain an understanding of the power and role of your heart through these FREE webinars and HeartStart calls on Heart Based Living, empowering people through the intelligence of their hearts in order to better navigate these changing times. I am excited for Erin Cote to share with you what she loves about HeartMath. Erin is a master at the importance of play and laughter through the way she lives her own life as well as teaching Laughter Yoga to others. She is a talented artist who does everything from a huge pure heart of love. From Erin, “I was astonished to learn what role our hearts play in the wellbeing of our whole self! I’ve come to realize that tapping into the power of the heart literally benefits all aspects of your life- this heart intelligence is far greater than our mind. I am grateful to this work, working in my own life! If you want to learn more about connecting to YOUR heart, HeartMath is a great resource.”

A gift to you from my heart to yours – Sometimes we find ourselves feeling down or depleted, or facing challenging tests.  I created a guided meditation to connect you to the lap and the heart of the Divine Mother, so you can be held, nurtured and loved by her.  Often we didn’t have mothers who were able to do this for us when we most needed it but that love is always available. Click here!

With Love and Light,