Today as I write this it is March 20, 2013 – Spring Equinox.  I felt a really deep calling to honor the Spring Equinox by going to Mount Alban in Oaxaca, Mexico.  I am here in Oaxaca for two months studying Spanish.  Mount Alban is an ancient sacred site with pyramids.  It has been very hot here, in the 90’s. I decided to go to Mount Alban in the late afternoon before they close at 5pm when it would be a bit cooler.  I arrived just after 3:30.   I got really quiet and centered and started to listen and let myself be guided as to where exactly to go, as it is very big.  Right away I was lead to a site.  When I was walking in it was like the place was being evacuated –  nearly everyone else was leaving

I felt called to be very still.  It wasn’t important to go to many places.  I felt the spot that was drawing me.  I sat there for over an hour praying and meditating.  Looking at my life and the energies of the equinox…. Balance.  What was in balance in my life and what wasn’t.  I immediately thought to how my life has  been about so many polarities and extremes.  My mother was a Mormon, my father an atheist.  I have an Aries sun and my rising sign is Pisces.  Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and fire and Pisces the last sign and water. This theme has played out throughout my life.  My lifetime symbol card in the Tarot is #14 Synthesis, which is about bringing together opposites.

I thought about the feminine and masculine within myself, doing and being, activity and stillness.  And it does feel like I am finding a middle way in my life at this time.  It is a time of bringing the polarities into union, into balance.  I had the image of the yin and yang sign and how the yin is in the yang and the yang in the yin.

As I was meditating I started to feel the sun coming out from a cloud and the heat penetrating into my third eye filling it up and then this sun energy went down to my heart and a huge light was growing in my heart and radiating out to the world.  It was such a beautiful meditation… I highly recommend doing it.  Just let the light of the sun pour in through your third eye and drop down to your heart and radiate out to the world and universe in constant connection and motion of light coming in and going back out.

I was also thinking about Easter on the 31st of March.  Not in a religious sense.  But in a spiritual sense.  What has naturally died within me and what do I choose to resurrect on the higher turn of the spiral.  What came through was letting my limiting beliefs naturally die and resurrecting my focus and attention on my true self… my unlimited self that lives in all dimensions not just this third dimensional reality.

Isn’t it time for all of us to be our UNLIMITED selves!!!