I returned home from Guatemala with a broken right arm in an old fashioned plaster cast from my knuckles to my shoulder.

Two months later and I was due to get my cast off the day I had to report for jury duty in Sacramento. I had rescheduled my appointment for the next day, otherwise I would have to wait another week.  I was co-leading a tele-class that night at 6:00pm and huge snow storms were on their way to where I live.  I believe in the importance of being of service but really the timing was just not great!

For years, when I was married, my husband constantly told me to try to be “normal” and I did try!  I even tried by dressing like everyone else, at least I could look normal.  Now after all these years all I needed to do was show up with clothes in my closet like one true version of myself!

I went into my bedroom to pull together what I would wear the next day.  I had to leave my house by 5:30 to make sure I would not get lost and get their on time, and account for rush hour traffic.  Let’s see brown leggings, brown skirt, brown-black suede and fur boots, long sleeve black top with Ganesh (Elephant God for overcoming obstacles) shirt over it and a ¾ length black tunic that was open in the front over that, turquoise beads and earrings and to top it off a 3” brightly woven headband from Guatemala along with a woven purse.  I was giggling.

I pulled a Guiding Sign card before leaving for Sacramento.  I drew “No Parking”, the meaning – it is not a place to stop and park or stay.  Keep going.  I knew when I drew it, it was about not being on the jury.  That was not my place to be now!

I could have asked to be excused because of my cast needing to be taken off and the nearly 140 mile round trip with it on each day.  The judge had reminded us that this was a short case, only expected to be four days long.  Some of them went on for weeks.  Plus if you didn’t do this one you would once again have to be on call for an entire month when you least expect it!

I was juror #12 out of thirteen prospective jurors to start with.   We had to go through each juror starting with #1 and answer questions we were given about where we live and for how long, education, children – ages what they were doing and nature of our business/work  and other court related questions.

While waiting to go into court I had sent a person I was doing some business with a quick email explaining something might be delayed that I needed to get to her as I was a prospective juror.  She thought that was so funny!  She couldn’t imagine me being a juror.  She made some funny comment about my Guiding Signs 101 divination cards being used to help everyone decide on the verdict.  I was laughing so hard I thought they might excuse me for reasons of insanity.

Several times I caught the prosecuting lawyer looking at me and quickly turn away when my eyes met his.  Everyone else was dressed basically alike, Khakis on men, conservative, normal looking clothing on every one .  Who was the square peg in the round hole?

My turn came to talk, the microphone was handed to me.  All the questions were going really well.  I had even lived in my current house for eight years!  And then the question about my work!  I said I was an author and was the creator of divination cards.  That I owned my business and the name was “Soaring In Light”.  The judge repeated “Divination Cards?” I said “yes, that is correct”.

The 13th juror spoke and then a recess was called because the court stenographer was hard of hearing and needed to be given breaks!

When recess was over and I walked back to my seat in the juror’s box.  The judge said “Ms McIntire, we know you are needing to get that cast off and we have made a decision to excuse you from jury duty”.  Being excused by the judge meant I had fulfilled my service

I walked to the parking lot, got in my car.  It was 11:11.  Thanks Ganesh and Guiding Sign cards what divine magic was at hand!