It’s all an INSIDE job……
Being loved.  A parent didn’t have enough to give you what you needed in the department of love.  A partner wasn’t there or betrayed you.  Then one day you realized the ONLY person you could count on 100% to be there to totally unconditionally love you – was YOU!!
The Kingdom of Heaven truly does lie within each one of us.  We have the wisdom inside of us.  We have the intuition and inner knowing.  We have the power.  We are the expert.  It is time to turn inward and let go of the old societal conditioning that someone outside of us has the knowledge; is the expert.  We truly are the ones we have been waiting for.  It is us, it is now.  It is here.  It is within.  No need to look elsewhere.
That is the essence behind the Guiding Signs 101 cards.  The intention is to be a bridge to help you to remember and to build that inner muscle of listening and intuition and your very own innate wisdom.  They have been designed in a playful and fun way as that is the path to creation!  Have fun, play, go deep and explore and discover your wisdom.