My quest in “getting to know” my intuition has brought more to my life than just recognizing my voice within. I consider my intuition to be one of my best friends and we share nothing less than total TRUST, with a capital “T.” I Trust my guiding wisdom knows with clarity when something feels right and doesn’t feel right-second guesses (coming from my rational mind) are not how we spend our time. We work together best when I am in a relaxed state. This is because intuition is feeling based though the language of emotion.  And it asks of us to be in an open place in order to hear it’s powerful subtlety. When that confirming insight or direction comes, a feeling of “yes! That’s it!” is present. I like to describe it as my entire body lights up for a split second in an AH-HAA moment. It’s confirmation because this feeling excites you, inspires you and brings with it a life-giving supporting answer. And the cycle grows and continues: inspired- ideas and ideas- inspire. Back to inspired- and more ideas.

A couple ways I experience this is through creativity, pondering, and asking questions. Often with words, art, and music. After fine tuning my creation I know in that moment when my work is complete because my body tells me. I can feel perfect alignment or I like to call it “everything clicks into place.”  This also happens when I’m searching online. What’s great about the internet is it’s like a portal for instantaneous answers to come to you. There’s no waiting, only searching, and answers. When you know your answer has come, you feel it.

It’s imperative to understand more fully how your mind gets in the way. What are some roadblocks to being intuitive?

  1. Tension or resistance will contradict your inner voice. For example trying to hard or pushing from the mind to get to an answer will only block your intuitive voice.
  2. Being attached to an outcome. Here you are not open to other possibilities to come through.
  3. Fear. Fear is the opposite of trusting. When we make decisions from fear it is coupled with lack, being less than or there’s not enough.
  4. The BIG “should.” When you’re finding that your mind is projecting shoulds or have to’s on yourself this is when you know you are not receiving internal guidance. It’s a thought coming from your conditioning.

In connecting and developing a relationship with your inner voice guiding YOU here are some helpful tips:

1. Set and intention to be aware of your intuition and then write down any insights of intuition that come through. This will show yourself confirmation on a daily basis that you ARE intuitive and you can differentiate between your mind and inner guidance.

2. Asking questions, stay open and be curious. “I wonder if?” “Wouldn’t it be fun if?” “Wouldn’t it be nice if?”  It helps you focus on a positive direction forward instead of ruminating about past events or worrying about the future.

3. Signs are all around us. Notice synchronicities that show up as confirmation. You can even ask “show me a sign so I know that I am heard.” Watch what happens next. Looking for synchronicities is an open state of being where surprises occur.

What are some things I can do to connect and listen to my inner voice? Create a practice. Become curious:

Meditation is an assured way to building a relationship with your intuition. You don’t necessarily need to be cross-legged in the lotus position. Any activity that get’s you into a relaxed open state will flood you with wisdom and intuitive insight. Walking, yoga, dancing, daydreaming, and breathing.



To learn more about intuition, join us in a conversation with our inspiring Intuition expert, coach and counselor, Bonita Kay Summers, listen to the interview available May 29th




About Bonita:

Bonita Kay Summers “I believe that everyone has a powerful component of their soul ready to come forward and take part in the evolutionary process happening on the planet today. My role is to use intuitive counseling, PSYCH-K, and energy work to help you become conscious of the power and wisdom you’ve suppressed, integrate that aspect, and become fully present in your life, making a difference in the world the way your soul desires.
Growing up clairsentient and able to recognize everything as energy, I see chakras and energy fields, tune in on the vibrational frequency of names, and ascertain exactly where people need to shift in order to walk their true path. My passion is to empower you and to teach you how to return to your original language. What I can do is not a gift. Energetic, intuitive communication is our true state. Everyone can learn to do what I do. Indeed, I believe that this new age is ushering in a time when we will all remember that we are vibrational frequencies interacting in one great field of energy. It will change our relationships, our work, and how we make decisions.
Some of us are here to usher in this age and guide the awakening. I work with those who are being awakened and with those who act as catalysts to bring others back to themselves.”

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