First A little about Bonita Kay Summers

Bonita Kay Summers “I believe that everyone has a powerful component of their soul ready to come forward and take part in the evolutionary process happening on the planet today. My role is to use intuitive counseling, PSYCH-K, and energy work to help you become conscious of the power and wisdom you’ve suppressed, integrate that aspect, and become fully present in your life, making a difference in the world the way your soul desires.
Growing up clairsentient and able to recognize everything as energy, I see chakras and energy fields, tune in on the vibrational frequency of names, and ascertain exactly where people need to shift in order to walk their true path. My passion is to empower you and to teach you how to return to your original language. What I can do is not a gift. Energetic, intuitive communication is our true state. Everyone can learn to do what I do. Indeed, I believe that this new age is ushering in a time when we will all remember that we are vibrational frequencies interacting in one great field of energy. It will change our relationships, our work, and how we make decisions. Some of us are here to usher in this age and guide the awakening. I work with those who are being awakened and with those who act as catalysts to bring others back to themselves.”

Intuition is not a Gift,  by Bonita Kay Summers

Many people look at psychics and intuitives with a sense of awe, as though we possess something they don’t. Often, I’m told, “You have a gift.” This creates a false belief that some people are born with intuition and others are not. Trust me, if you weren’t intuitive, you could not survive.
All of us have had the experience of knowing something without having arrived at that realization through rational means. That’s what intuition is. A study has shown that everyone has the ability to know that they are being watched from behind. It’s assumed from the study that this is a trait that came about through evolution. If you didn’t sense someone coming up from behind, you probably got clubbed over the head and didn’t live to procreate.
The determinant of how intuitive you are is your environment growing up, your belief system, and how open you are to new ideas, breaks in routine, and adventure. If your family poo-pooed the notion of seeing and hearing things they couldn’t, you would have learned to suppress your abilities to fit in. Eventually, you would become unconscious of your deeper awareness except in the dream state and through mundane hunches, like knowing who is calling before you pick up the phone.
To be truly engaged with your intuition, you need three things: a willingness to trust what you sense, a willingness to act on the information that you receive, and a willingness to have your life change dramatically as a result.
You can live your life according to convention and what you decide to do through rational thinking, or you can set off on an adventure in consciousness. Be warned: doing so could dramatically change your relationships, your work, even where you live. Letting your intuition guide you means surrendering your life to the path your soul chose, not the one that necessarily fits in with the desires of your parents, your spouse, or your boss.
For example, a few years ago, I had moved my practice to the downtown core in Kingston, ON and was in the process of re-establishing myself in a new location. Walking by a yoga studio one day, I heard my intuition tell me very clearly to go into the studio and say that I want to work there. I continued past the studio to the next store, but the message was insistent. My rational mind thought, “Okay, I could do some front desk work and connect with new clients that way while getting free yoga classes.” That’s as far as my thinking mind could determine would be the reason for me to follow through on my inner nudge.
I turned around and walked into the studio where I found the owner standing in the doorway. I told her that I wanted to work there, and she replied that I could but she also wanted me to take yoga teacher training. This lady had just met me and was asking me to teach at her studio! As you can guess, she was also highly intuitive.
Now, along with my business at Spirit Kelowna, I also teach Yin yoga at two studios in Kelowna, BC. Many of my students have benefited from my practice as an intuitive, and some of my clients have become my yoga students. There is a symbiotic relationship between my business and my teaching yoga. Yet, I had NEVER considered becoming a yoga teacher, despite being a natural for the position. It took my intuition to show me this path.

My move across country from Ontario to BC last year was also dictated by my intuition, and I can tell you from experience that despite having to leave people I love, jobs where I’ve been comfortable, and places I’ve called home for many years, my life has only becoming more and more joyful. Indeed, your intuition ultimately will always lead you to joy. If you will listen, if you will act on what you sense, and if you are willing to have your life shaken up, you will grow and life will get really interesting. The question is: do you have the courage to listen?


To learn more about intuition, join us in a conversation with our inspiring Intuition expert, coach and counselor, Bonita Kay Summers, listen to the interview available May 29th




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