We have been living in a right brained or masculine paradigm. In this paradigm we have also been living in our minds. Logic is valued as are the facts….. “just the facts mam!” We have been taught separation from a very young age. We have believed that others have the answers, especially the experts with lots of letters after their names. We have been taught that love lies outside of ourselves and so we need the “other” to become whole. Living in this paradigm and way has created a lot of pain within ourselves and outwardly mirrored in our world.

Now we get to remember! Remember that we already are whole and complete. That we have the wisdom and answers within us. We get to remember our heart knows the way and start to create stillness and spaciousness within ourselves and connect to our heart.

Do you remember watching the Wizard of Oz. Dorothy wants to find her way home and finally is going to meet the Wizard. It turns out he is just a little man with lots of expertise in theatrics but no real power. He can’t get her home. And yet all along Dorothy has exactly what she needs to get home… the red slippers and her intention saying over and over “there is no place like home”.

“Home” is our deepest heart place, that which we most love. Following our bliss is being connected to that deepest place within our heart – what we love. “Following” our bliss to me is the masculine part – the place of taking action. Following, doing. Joseph Campbell said “when you follow your bliss the universe will open doors where there were only walls and unseen forces of power rearrange things because of your step of faith”.

Are you living a life of duty, a life of shoulds and caring what others think? Are you feeling resentment or are you feeling joy and following your bliss?

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Heart and Meaning

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