Roadblocks to living a life of heart and meaning

  • Fear of what others think of us.
  • Over-giving – leading to resentment.
  • The need for approval – to be accepted.
  • Fear of feeling:  feeling pain if our heart gets broken, so not having an open heart.
  • Forgetting what you really love and what   makes you most happy.
  • Not scheduling in time to do the things you most love and for play.
  • Fear of the unknown. Wanting safety and comfort.

Now we get to remember! Remember that we already are whole, complete, and that our heart knows the way. This meditation reminds us that we have the wisdom and answers within by creating stillness and spaciousness within ourselves and connect to our heart.

If you are interested in going deeper into heart and meaning in your life and looking at the roadblocks that are preventing you from fully living in your heart, join me in this meditation. During this meditation you will be able to explore these questions. How aren’t you living a life from heart and meaning? Or living from that place of duty and should? How are you living a life of heart and meaning? In what ways are you or would like to follow your Joy and bliss? Take time to write what came through you after the meditation on a piece of paper.

I invite you to SHARE with us your insights and join us on our next Tele-Series call, April 24th. on intuition and synchronicity. This meditation is from the previous Tele-Series class.

Listen Now Heart and Meaning Meditation

Kathleen’s 4 Keys to Unlimited Self of heart and meaning: Four keys to successfully moving into your UNLIMITED self of your heart so you can SOAR……

Surrender-Letting go of limiting beliefs – using EFT, Byron Katie “The Work”- releasing projections and forgiveness- Helps to move out of the traps of the mind and ego and into the heart.  What masks are you wearing; can you let go of your masks?

Open– Open to what wants to come through you.  Listen.  Sit in silent meditation for 15 minutes with the question you are holding of:  what is my next step?  Use walking meditation – go for a walk in nature and ask – What most wants to come through me?  Then go home and write for at least 20 minutes without stopping.

(Accept, Allow, Action):

Accept:  Accept and love yourself for exactly how you are now.  Accept and love others in your life for how they are right now in this moment.  Paradox of transformation is that you must fully start with acceptance for exactly how something is for transformation to occur.

Allow: Let go of striving and trying to force and control things.  Allow things to occur.

Action: What are the actions you can begin to take for the things that have been revealed to you?  You can create a visioning board – You must be able to SEE it to believe it.  You can set your intentions.  What are some baby steps you can take so the Universe and Source can meet you to start opening doors?

Receive: We live in a world where giving is valued.  We have not really learned the value of receiving, which is a feminine characteristic.  Remember the saying that it is better to give than receive!! It is important to have both in balance.  By allowing ourselves to fully receive we fill up our well.  We have more to authentically give.  The universe has given us so much but often times we create dams that block ourselves from letting it come in.  We do this because we don’t feel worthy to receive these magnificent gifts there for us.  Tool; when someone gives you something PAUSE, really allow to FEEL the gift.  Set an intention to open to receiving all the gifts there are for you.  Look for them by saying “I wonder how many amazing and miraculous things are going to happen before I go to bed tonight?”