What makes you happy? What makes your heart sing and burst with joy and gives you that feeling of being SOOOO happy to be alive?

I have just had one of those days. It started off with writing in my journal and coming to a place of great clarity about something that previously had held clouds of confusion.

I then went to a very small gathering for my dear friend Mary Elizabeth who is moving to San Diego after living in this area for 29 years. A few friends gathered together to send her off with all of our love and blessings. We each took turns “seeing” her- telling her the gifts we see in her and how she has touched our lives. I have found “seeing” someone is one of the most powerful gifts. There is something so beautiful when another person truly sees who you are, sees your gifts, sees your essence. Nothing is more painful to me than someone in my life who just can’t see me, see who I truly am. And nothing feels so good as to be truly seen in our highest gifts by another.

From there I met two dear friends and mentors, Patt and David, to share my recent Peruvian journey. David as well had just returned from Peru and Patt from a month long meditation retreat. We had such a lovely heart sharing.

I came home and jumped into my biking clothes and was so excited to get on my bike after days of cold weather and rain. Well, my bike had a flat tire so I had to turn around but even being on it for 10 minutes was pure Heaven to me.

There on my doorstep was Mary Elizabeth who had arrived early and shortly after Franceska, our friend and an amazing artist, arrived. We were going through a practice run of the art project Mary Elizabeth was doing at her upcoming workshop she has created called “Expanding Your Light”. Mary Elizabeth took us on a guided meditation that lead into our art. I have not played with art enough lately in my life and it was so fun and joyous. As I looked at my life and my dreams in the meditation I realized I am surrendering and letting go. All those old notions that there was something “important” I needed to do in life had been replaced with the desire to simply be love and show up in service. Being in nature living a life of love and freedom. I stayed up until nearly 11:00 coloring and playing with my art creation.

While I was in that place of feeling this immense happiness and love I received the most loving emails from friends of my heart! It is always amazing to witness how our outer world reflects our inner world.

I also noticed that something that makes me really happy is having a warm home. I had resisted turning on the heat when it got cold and realized that did not make me happy. Having a warm home, with a blazing fire, lots of candles lit, fresh flowers, warm delicious food, music playing in the background or better yet live kirtan (devotional music and songs to the Divine often in Sanskrit sung in a call and response fashion), being in a creative space and friends I love….. that is pure happiness.

Tell me what makes you happy and makes your heart sing?