As I sit here in silence my heart is overflowing with joy.

Each day I love to start my day with two hours of silence.  I unplug my phone.  In the winter I light a fire and make my morning drink.  I do my breath work, my meditation,I read from a sacred text. I greet the sun and sometimes channel Mary. Other practices are gratefulness or prayer. This creates the energetic tone for my day.

Right now I am at my 5th Sufi Sesshin. I am not Sufi but I love how they embrace all paths.  The Sesshin is held at the beginning of January each year and lasts for 10 days.  The day starts at 8:00am and finishes at 10pm, with meal breaks!  We dance and sing to the Divine in a myriad of traditions and then meditate for 20 minutes alternating back and forth.  It is like the rhythm of life going between the inner and outer. We are so blessed to have exquisite talented musicians playing from the heart for us.

I had the realization that this is starting my year like I love starting my day.  Creating the sacred energy to go forth with the year.

We are now in silence – as far as talking.  It is amazing how much deeper I sink in the state of silence.  How I actually feel more deeply when I am walking.  Noticing the moss in the oak trees, the verdant green grass, a fallen leaf or tiny mushroom.  This morning walking to breakfast, crossing a small wooden bridge, there was a gift of three beautiful purple flowers and an origami crane placed lovingly in the center.  If I had been talking or occupied by thoughts in my head I most likely would have missed this gift.  I would have missed the 13 deer pausing from eating to gaze at me as I walked by.

Here is to slowing down and turning down the volume of sound to hearing the heartbeat of our Mother Earth and all the bountiful gifts before us!

Here is a link to my last Mary channel.

I invite all of you in the area to come to the Wild and Scenic Film Festival this weekend and see the inspiring film Mayan Renaissance which I had the honor to produce and was created by Dawn Engle and Ivan Suvanijieff the co founders of PeaceJam.

Love and Light,