You might not believe this latest unfolding, but I do, because it happens consistently in my life. I have learned to pay attention when my inner voice speaks.

There was only one experience I remember when I momentarily doubted that what I heard came from Spirit and not from my mind.

Three years ago while packing for a trip to Guatemala, I heard a voice telling me to bring a vial of sand that I had brought back from the Great Pyramid in Egypt in 1984. The vial had been lost for years, and days before my departure, it magically resurfaced.

After arriving at the ancient pyramids of Tikal, I knew the sand was to be dispersed there, but I started to doubt the validity of my inner voice after walking for hours with no indicators of exactly where. As I stepped onto Temple IV, however, my body began reverberating and every cell confirmed that this was the sacred spot to place the sand. How could I ever doubt the voice that is so strong and clear when I hear it?

That’s why when this same voice told me I needed to go get a facial and talk to my aesthetician, I immediately picked up the phone and made an appointment in two days.  She is in school to become a midwife and only works one day a week at the salon.  That there was an opening for the exact time I needed was the first sign of magical things that were waiting to unfold.

In a conversation approximately three months earlier, this same aesthetician had planted a seed-of-desire about renting the cottage on my property. And shortly after that it had become vacant.

But I was in no rush to find a person to fill the space. I felt it was more important to have the perfect embodied qualities of community and consciousness on this sacred property.

The night before Spirit tapped me on the shoulder, prompting me to make my facial appointment, I sat at my computer and got crystal-clear about the qualities I wanted the people on the land to embody. When I arrived for my appointment, I asked her about her interest in renting my cottage. I thought she wanted to rent in the future, but she was ready to move immediately. She and her boyfriend had been fervently praying the night before for the perfect place to live.

We made an appointment the very next day. She had never seen my property but she had felt the sacredness of the land. (She had read about the events at MoonBear Sanctuary in my newsletters.)

In my screened-in porch, overlooking flower gardens, water fountains and feeling the protectiveness of the wise, old pine and black oak trees, her boyfriend who has a background in permaculture, conducted a sacred tea ceremony. After that we discussed the details and specifics for us coming together to live in community on the land.

I could not have imagined a better fit for myself and for the land. Clearly something much greater was being orchestrated here for the highest benefit of all of us.

Based on their skills – he has a background in permaculture and pure hearts of these two individuals, amazing possibilities were being presented to honor the land in new ways. Previously, the Spirit of the land spoke to me and said it was to be shared with others. Based on a dream I had years earlier, I was told that the land was to be a birthing center for the new paradigm. As a midwife-in-training, this beautiful young woman brings the seeds of possibility for manifestation of what’s gestating here on the land and our planet at this time.  They truly bring the highest of the feminine and the masculine together in a beautiful and potent way.

I am reminded of what amazing miracles can unfold based on following the inspiration and voice of Spirit. Joyous ease comes when we get out of the place of trying to “figure things out” and instead allow ourselves to sink into effortless flow.

I eagerly await the manifestation of how this will look as the process unfolds.