How often do you feel guilty for not being more productive?  I was thinking about that the other day.  I realized that our society is based on productivity.  It is our “job” to consume.  Years ago we were known as citizens and now we are labeled consumers. It is our job to consume.  Productivity and consumption go hand in hand.  We are induced through media and advertising to believe that the path to happiness lies in the material world. We have been indoctrinated to strive for a great big house in the just right neighborhood.  To drive a shiny new German car like Mercedes, BMW or Porsche. People work and work to attain the things they have been told will bring happiness only to find the emptiness still there.  Oh yes, you can have things, beautiful wonderful things but if you have a hole inside of you they will not fill that hole.

In Bhutan instead of measuring the Gross National Product, GNP, like we do in the USA,  they measure the GNH or Gross National Happiness.

When we live in a society that values what is produced we start seeing ourselves through the filter of that type of value.  We end up judging ourselves unconsciously by how much we are producing.  We feel guilty if we are lying around staring at the stars, doing nothing!  We may have been called “lazy” by our parents when we were growing up if we weren’t productive.  The last thing we wanted was to be lazy!  How “worthless” is that!

What would our lives look like if the world we lived in was measured by Gross National Happiness?  What would our day look like through those measurements and filters?  If we have our nose to the grindstone and we are producing all sorts of things but we are on our third cup of coffee for more caffeine to be able to keep pushing ourselves, how happy are we?  Are we enjoying and loving what we are doing?

Look over your day, how would you rate your happiness for the day.  How many times did you just burst out laughing for no reason?  How many times did your heart feel like it was going to burst from so much happiness and you just couldn’t contain it one more moment? Were you walking around with a huge smile across your face?  How many times did you stop to look at a beautiful flower, read an amazing poem, call someone you love, take a walk, jump in a kayak, express your gratitude and appreciation to another and simply love yourself for no reason at all?

As we approach the Full Moon and lunar eclipse on June 4th and the Venus Transit on June 5th it is a powerful time to get clear on your intentions and what you value and desire to call into your life.  I will be leading two women’s events during this time.  On Saturday June 2nd I will hold a workshop “Uniquely You” from 10:30 to 1:30pm.  This is about living our greatest gifts by being true to ourselves.  On Tuesday June 5th there will be a ceremony for the Venus Transit.  This is a powerful time for the Divine Feminine energies on our planet and being part of the co-creation not only for ourselves but for our world!  For more information go to or email me at  Both events will be at MoonBear Sanctuary

Another event to take advantage of at MoonBear Sanctuary this Sunday June 3rd at 4pm is with the Abbot of Tashi Lhunpo Monastery in exile, who will lead a meditation and a sneak preview of a brand new documentary on the monastery and missing Panchen Lama.  Being in the presence of Khen Rinpoche Lobzang Tsetan you will just naturally be infused with the joy he radiates.  This is an event for men and women!!