This meditation will guide you into a relaxed state so you can more fully tune into your intuition and imagine more ways to live from your inner guidance. By becoming centered and going into your heart for this 10 minutes, Kathleen will remind you to come from a place of childlike curiosity, to trust yourself, and live a life in joy ease and grace.

Explore intuition in your life, listen to your inner guidance and ask “what is my next step?” Enjoy listening and bringing your inner guidance back to a volume you can hear. From our hearts to yours!

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Sign up for our next tele-session on June 26th Inspired Action fromyour Authentic Self: Balancing the Masculine and Feminine

This is an important time for balancing the feminine and masculine within ourselves. We have been trained to value masculine aspects of ourselves. We need to be able to listen and to hear our guidance. We then need the masculine to take action and to take steps necessary to bring that vision and guidance forward. Join this session for techniques in balancing the feminine and masculine within.