Do you ever have one of those days where everything seems difficult no matter how hard you try?  I made a last minute decision to go to the New York City showing of the Mayan Renaissance film I have been involved with.  It was premiered by the United Nations Wednesday evening the 16th of May. This was our very first showing of the film and it just felt so important in my heart to be there to energetically juice the film with love as it gets sent out into the world.  The other benefit was seeing my son, a young filmmaker,  who lives in Brooklyn with 4 other roommates in a brownstone.  He is insanely busy with work and just to have a moment to have share dinner and great conversation is not something I want to miss!

Who could imagine finding a hotel with such a plethora of hotels in NYC would be nearly impossible!  Hours were spent searching for an available room and I ended up getting booked at the Hotel Pennsylvania, it was not inexpensive by any means.  I am thinking of the amazing places I have stayed on the ocean and spa retreats for the same price.  I arrived to huge lines of people waiting to check in at 11 pm at night… it looked like tour buses had just descended from the twilight zone.  I waited for what felt like forever for my room.  The hotel was huge and old and dingy, I would go so far as to even say decrepit.  Walking down the long bleak hallway to my room I felt like I was trapped in a surreal maze. Entering my tiny room and instead of finding nice art on the walls they were filled with black marks and small holes.  OMG, was I really going to stay in this room that looked more like a haunt for drug addicts?  Now nearly midnight I checked to see if I could just change to a more decent room for the night. That room was at least painted but also small and dingy and stunk of cigarette smoke, so back to my original room.

Three people back in California plus myself in NYC were looking for another hotel.  I called a number I found on line and was told there was a huge convention of TV and movie people in NYC pitching their shows and idea.  Could there really be THAT many people in this line of work? I later found out that college graduations were also taking place.  I was told that nearly every hotel was fully booked this week.  There was a room for one night for $1100 and going up from there.  This all started to feel rather insane and like I was caught in some weird movie.

Erin and her fiance Travis found me an awesome hotel for Tuesday and Wednesday night for about the same price I was paying.  I said YES book it, with the few minutes it took to do so the Wednesday night was no longer available!  Another person had given me a number to call for a room that was available for Wednesday night at the on-line bargain price of $470!  When I called I was told they were closed for the evening and had to call back at 8am.  When I did they needed the on-line website link or the room was close to $600, for a chain hotel and a tiny petite room.  No, this was insane, I refused to do it out of some sort of principle.  I would either crash on my son’s sofa where there is an unwritten rule that parents stay in hotels with the possibility of damaging our relationship and that of his roommates or sleep in the airport. Neither were really very good possibilities.  I even looked to find a red eye back to California after the film premier but again there was nothing.

Feeling desperate and knowing that feeling would only attract more of that same energy to me I made a decision to expect and start looking for the miracle of a place to stay Wednesday night unfolding with ease and grace.  I checked out of the Hotel Pennsylvania asking how many rooms in the hotel, I think it was 1700!  That’s slightly more than a quarter of the population of Nevada City.

I arrived at my next hotel which was newly built, modern and trendy. A sigh of relief to have something clean with an attention to detail,  As I was checking in I asked if they just might have a room for the next night that had come available.  The young man helping me, Tyrome, was so kind with a beautiful presence. I told him I had been praying for a miracle.  He smiled and said no they didn’t have a private room, but they did have some rooms that were like hostels with a room share. I told him he was my miracle!  The next morning I moved into my hostel room and that evening when I arrived back at the hotel I was delighted to find I had the room to my self!  I had been given $20 off the price by Tyrome so I ended up paying $129.  I didn’t have to  sleep at the airport or worse yet have to go back to Hotel Pennsylvania!  I am in at the Out Hotel with beautiful white sheets and duvets, exquisite face wash and shampoos and lotions, wifi.!! Thank you for the miracle of being in at the Out Hotel NYC!


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