I am in Oaxaca, Mexico for two months studying Spanish.  I didn’t plan to write a newsletter while here.  My intention for getting this newsletter out to you now at this particular time is because we are now in a very powerful time of transformational energies.  There is a new influx of light coming from the galactic center we are now in as of December 21 2012, as well as the energy of this past new moon and full moon.  It is an auspicious time for letting go of limiting beliefs we have been holding.  I share mine as well as giving resources for transforming our old limiting beliefs.


The year of the dragon in Chinese astrology ended on February 10th 2013 and we ushered in the year of the black water snake. I have felt the dragon departing with her tail flailing wildly; bringing up anything that needs our attention to be cleansed and cleared away. It is a great opportunity to shed our old skins that no longer fit!  The significance of this year being a water snake, is that it is the element of water that has to do with feeling.  We shed our old skins, not through our minds but through feeling thoroughly!!

On the mayan calendar, December 21 2012 was a major galactic shift point for our earth which occurs every 25,772 years. At this time our earth and civilization began to transform both metamorphically and alchemically and our strands of DNA are being reformulated and upgraded enabling us to become a more caring, loving and empathetic society.  It is an amazing time to be alive as we both witness and participate in this shift of the ages of moving from love of power to the power of love!

Stepping into this new influx of light my shadow is revealed.  We can’t have the light without our shadow also being revealed.  Old beliefs and stories I have believed as true are revealed to me.  Each belief with an energetic magnetic field to attract incidents into my life that say “see, yes this is true.”  But it is not.  It is a story from the old earth.  Our earth is evolving and so are we.  Hanging onto the old stories, the old beliefs delays and holds back our evolution.  Like the parable of the camel going through the eye of a needle; there isn’t room for accumulated stuff.  There isn’t room for those old beliefs that are really lies.  They limit us.  When I can’t see what is mine other people show up displaying those very things to point the way to what is ready to be shed.

The dragon’s tail feels out of control as she departs wailing and flailing all that is stuck in the muck of the unconscious realm.  It has now been stirred, no longer fixated to the bottom.  It rises.  It is painful but I see it.  It won’t go away simply because I want it to go away.  It will go away when I am no longer afraid of it.  When I see it for the story it is, the lie that has tricked me all these years.  When I can both love it and let it go just like a snake shedding its old skin.

Imprints from the Past

Imprints from our mother’s wombs.  Imprints passed on for generations.  The same stories, different characters.  Have we tired of this game of charades?  Tired of playing small. Tired of the pain.

My mother, the fourth and last child from a very small Mormon town in Utah.  Her father a returned missionary and an alcoholic. Her parents do the unheard of, they divorce when she is three.  The marriage was over when she was conceived, was she wanted?

I am the eldest child of four.  My dad wanted my mom to abort me.  When she wouldn’t he pushed her into the car taking her on a bumpy road trying to force miscarriage.  Rage.  Hitting me at 6 months for not eating my breakfast, sexual molestation starting from age two.  Was I wanted?

My dad’s mother, my grandmother, given up to an orphanage at fourteen and the secret being because her father got her pregnant.  Was she wanted?  Outmoded beliefs of not being wanted running through my family line.  Outmoded beliefs of the person that loves me the most will be the one to hurt and betray me, also running through my family line.  I now choose to let this go for myself, for my family, for all my ancestors, for all future generations.  For anyone and everyone on our earth who has experienced this.

Remembering Who We Are 

Have we tired of playing the game of separation.  The game of hide and seek.  We are both and.  There is no place to go.  I am it.  You are it. We are the seeker and the one that is seeked.  We are all one.  Our pain is shared and can be let go of.  Now is the time as we remember we are all one.  One with each other.  One with all life.

Last night I went to Tule tree in Oaxaca, Mexico the largest tree in diameter in the world.  First I asked her for permission to work with her.  I didn’t have coca leaves from Peru to do a K’intu so I imagined them in my minds eye.  Three beautiful leaves.  I blew into them my name, my prayers and gave them as an offering to the wind before beginning.

This 2000 year old grande and wise tree had a fence around her for protection.  She was much larger than the church built next to her!!  Her branches fell over the fence in certain places.  I leaned up against her branches and said my prayers.  I asked her to transform my old beliefs so I could let go of them.  As I prayed a gentle breeze arose and her branches caressed my arms and face feeling just like the touch of a loving mother.  I felt so held and seen and loved by her.  I arrived in the early evening and there was hardly anyone there.  I was able to settle in and embrace the tenderness being offered to me by her.

I think for many of us we have expected this time of expanded light to be one filled immediately and totally with ease and grace and joy.  Truly, that is what is here for us.  At the same time we are being called to step forward into being the powerful co-creators we truly are.  It is up to us to relinquish our old outmoded beliefs both collective and individual so we can live in the present moment and to move beyond a long era of limitation into one of the unlimited.  It is an opportunity to change our mindset and move into our hearts.

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