I realize now without being in that place of surrender,. . . , I probably would not have heard this Deep Call of the Divine to go to Greece!


greek bookAt first I thought it started in Oaxaca, Mexico, where I was this past winter, immersing myself in Spanish for two months.  A new friend learned a lot of Spanish from reading  children’s books that interested her.  I loved the idea of having a book to read that I would enjoy AND learn Spanish at the same time.  So I found a book about Greek Myths for children that just jumped out at me at the bookstore.  It actually was a book for parents to read to children, so it was not at all on my level of Spanish, which was beginner level.  But I so loved reading the stories that I didn’t care that I had to look up nearly every word on Google Translate.  It would take me hours to go through one chapter, but that didn’t matter.  I see that something was already percolating at that time that I didn’t know.

Since I have been back from Oaxaca for five months, I notice that I keep hearing “Greece” everywhere I turned.  Then one day recently I realized that I was hearing a Deep Call from the Divine to go there!  To Greece!  What jumped out was Patmos! Where St John had received the revelations of the apocalypse. What a perfect time to re-dream what our world can look like and the co-creation of our future to one of love that works for all life.

But now I remember 18 months ago I was in a deep theta state while working with Patt Lind Kyle.  She asked me a series of questions I had written, and I recorded my answers.  I asked where I needed to go in my travels.   What came up was Patmos, Greece!  That surprised me as I had never heard of Patmos, so I had to Google it.  I forgot about that until now.  Nearly a year and a half later, Patmos was back in my consciousness!

downloadDownloads started coming through other people too.  A Blue Water Goddess called for her freedom.  We held a ceremony for her liberation and release with an ancient ceremony from Greece about the restoration and wholeness of oneself, returning to the state of a virgin – but not the current use of the word virgin.  Rather the ancient definition of Virgin, meaning whole unto herself.  The Blue Water Goddess, the Women’s Ceremony, and Greece were all intertwined.  And yet still in mystery as to the significance and deeper meaning.  Following what I am calling downloads, we were instructed to do the sacred women’s ceremony on September 12th Mother Mary’s name day, which was at the half moon, half way between the past new moon and the full moon coming up.

Five days ago I said to the Divine… OK I am here to serve you and IF you really want me to go to Greece, please open all the doors for it to be so.  That day every door I needed opened did.  It was especially complicated because my 85-year-old mother is going in for a hip replacement, and I had committed to coming out and caring for her for a week after she was released from rehab.  But that date was unknown.  I especially wanted to see my son in New York.  I was changing planes there, but the original dates I had planned to travel to be back in time for my mom didn’t work with his international work schedule and an out of state wedding he was going to.  Suddenly, everything fell into place, my sister could cover for me if my mom got released from rehab after two weeks instead of three.  And now her operation is delayed by a week, so there is no conflict.  The new dates were perfect for my son.  I had 138,000 frequent flyer miles on Delta and my trip would cost me 130,000 miles, allowing me to stop in New York for three days, and then fly to Salt Lake City to be with my mother.  Ease and grace!!

My friend and partner in seeing this trip did not have things lining up for her.  I resigned that I may be traveling alone and not even knowing exactly what I would be doing in Greece, except listening and following deep inner guidance.  Then two days later my friend had the three doors she needed to have open for her to go to Greece too.

We are on our way!  We will be listening for the next Downloads from the Divine once we are there and keep you posted as to how things unfold.

What really excites me is that for a whole year I have been surrendered to surrender and to the mystery and not knowing.  And I even surrendered that the rest of my life may be in that mystery.  I realize now without being in that place of surrender, and thinking I knew what my life was suppose to look like, and having everything figured out, I probably would not have heard this Deep Call of the Divine to go to Greece!

I invite you to join us at this powerful time of the Pisces full moon today on September 18th through the autumn equinox Sunday 22nd.  Lets all vision a world of LOVE together!