Let yourself relax into this meditation and discover how you’d like to bring more play, joy and fun into your life. Our minds can’t differentiate between visualizing being playful and the physical act of being playful- you’ll still experience a fun light-hearted state.  It all begins with “seeing” yourself in a playful state and feelings of fun will more easily flow into your way of being, in all that you do, and with the people you love.

Questions to uncovering roadblocks:

Do you find yourself separating play and work?

Or you’re making only infrequent times for play- under special circumstances?

Do you only let yourself become playful when children are around?

Do you believe that play is counterproductive or would get in the way of your goals?

Where in your life are you experiencing avoidance? Putting things off?

How could you make these things more enjoyable?

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Play TeleClass Meditation

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