Kathleen McIntireRoar of the Jaguar:  Women’s 20 day Mayan Calendar Activation Journey
I am just back from co-leading a women’s journey to Guatemala December 17 through January 6th.  It was a powerful and amazing journey activating the 20 day Mayan Sun Signs and 13 Galactic tones which make up the 260 day Tzolkin calendar.  So much of our journey was spent outside in nature.  It was an activation of these energies within each one of ourselves.
What is Conscious Co-Creation?
Here we are in 2012!  What is conscious co-creation? To me, it is an alignment to something greater to Source, Spirit, the Divine, God-Goddess, whatever you personally want to call it.  It is connecting to our hearts and to our passions, to what we love.  It is having a clear intention.  It is working with the energies that are present for us.  What I experienced on my Mayan journey in Guatemala was connecting to sacred time and letting go of mechanical time.
The Gregorian calendar was created as a business calendar and it has divorced us from sacred time.  Artificial lights and daylight savings time furthers the separation from nature and the sacred.  We live in mechanical time in our modern world and become more like machines than our true Divine self!
Connecting to the Sun
Tata Pedro Mayan Elder Connecting to nature helps open us to our truest most authentic and sacred self.  The Mayan Elder, Tata Pedro taught us how to connect to the sun each morning to awaken our third eye and our true inner seeing of our intuition.  We gathered before the sunrise and as the sun was just coming over the horizon we looked at it for about 20 seconds, being low on the horizon we were able to do this.  One could not do this without harming their eyes if it is further up in the sky.  We then closed our eyes.  With eyes closed we started with our eyes facing straight ahead.  Then looking up we said “to the heart of the sky”, then eyes back to center.  Then eyes looking down saying “to the heart of the earth”, then looking straight ahead and eyes moving to the left, saying “to the heart of the water”,  eyes back to center and then looking right saying “to the heart of the fire” and then back to center.  You do this for 5 or 10 minutes with eyes closed the whole time.  Then you stand and scoop up the sun into your aura and then scoop up the earth into your aura and then call in the four winds.  Tata Pedro recommends doing this everyday and said he has witnessed not only third eyes opening but cures to illnesses taking place as well.
Working with the Moon:
It is also very potent to work with the moon.  Full moons are the time to release what is no longer serving you in your life.  What old outmoded beliefs are ready to be shed?  Whatever it is you can make it conscious by writing it down on a piece of paper.  Then you can burn it in a bowl or the sink with a candle and ask for it to be transmuted.  So many things we were taught as a child are simply not true and these beliefs are not current to who we have become and yet they still heavily influence what comes into our energy field and into our lives!
New Moons are potent for planting the seeds of what we desire. The sun and moon are right next to each other at this time.  The most potent time for coming up with your New Moon intentions is a few days before the actual New Moon.  Write down your intentions.  Create a little ceremony of going outside under the stars and letting them know what it is you desire in your life.  Ask for it.
Connecting to Sacred Time through the Tzolkin Calendar:
You can figure out what your Mayan Sun Sign and tone are by going to www.mayanmajix.com/TZOLKIN You can also follow what the sun sign and tone are for each day, which will help you to connect to sacred time.  Through doing this, by knowing the energy of the day, you can best utilize that particular energy in the things you do that day.  You start moving consciously with the energies that are present.
Co-Creation and power of Feeling:
What do you want to create in your life?  What state of being?  We have learned that material things don’t bring long lasting happiness, especially a hoarding and too much of anything.  So start with what states of being you most want present in your life.  Then look to see what people and situations you feel those states of being around.  These are clues for you as you begin to create the life you most desire.  What are your passions, your loves?  Where and with whom do you feel the most happiness, the most peace?  FEEL and embody those feelings you most want to grow in your life…. Everyday.  FEEL yourself into that reality.
Yes, it really does take FEELING and not some idea in the mind!  Start paying attention to how you are feeling during the day.  Let yourself feel the sadness, the anger, the happiness – whatever shows up.  Stop resisting and pushing it down, allow and surrender to it.  Feeling allows you to move through it.  Feeling is fluid like water.  It allows emotions to move, whereas denying and pushing down and resisting makes them grow.
Create a visioning board….. cut out images that fit in with the states of being you desire.  You must be able to see it to believe it!  Ask the Divine, this or something better.  Let go of outcome.  Surrender.
Allow your heart to totally open to RECEIVE.  Give gratitude constantly to people, to situations to everything.  Acknowledge others, acknowledge yourself.  These are arms of love.  Co-Create what you desire inside your heart, first aligning with the Divine.

At the end of the day start with the last thing that happened and work your way back to the very first thing of waking up.  Doing an evening review helps you to “see” outside of your habitual mind and become more conscious of all you are constantly creating.  As you work with the Divine and Sacred time and with nature in your heart with love you will experience making visible your Divine Self image!  Remembering you.