The Mayan Elders speak about ending a 26,000 year cycle on December 21, 2012 and starting a new 26,000 cycle, a cycle of love and unity.  They tell us how we have been in several cycles within this larger cycle. We have gone back and forth between the feminine and the masculine for the past four cycles. Now it is the time for both the masculine and the feminine coming together in equality.  It is no longer a time of either or.  It is time for the feminine and the masculine to come together on the higher turn of the spiral.  At this time the masculine has been operating from a lower vibration and the feminine has been repressed, suppressed, put down and vilified.  Now is the time to bring the feminine and the masculine forward and together in their wholeness and truth, working together side by side.

Our final tele-class, of this series, was about the balancing of the masculine and the feminine.  A key element is to realize we are all made up of masculine and feminine energies and we need to balance the two within ourselves.  We need to create the healthy feminine and the healthy masculine archetypes living within us.  The outer world is always a mirror, a reflection of what is within us.

We were so fortunate to have Lisa Schrader, the founder of Awakening Shakti: Awakening Your Radiant Feminine Power on our call with us. Lisa talked about moving away from living a life of the masculine paradigm of an overachiever and being depleted, to moving into the vibrant Shakti energy.  Shakti is the feminine energy or life force that is within all life.

She spoke about living in the moment where true power lies.  We spoke about feeling, accepting and letting “what is so” be present without judgment.  She lead a beautiful guided meditation putting us in touch with each of our senses so we can be fully present.  She shared about cycles and trusting what is showing up.  There is a time for the ground to be fallow and to be in stillness as things are incubating. Then there is a time for the doing and bringing things forth.  We spoke about the importance of nurturing ourselves and being present to what is so.  Not trying to force and will ourselves to show up when we are depleted, then needing to put on a mask of a cheerful face when that is not our truth.  The importance of allowing ourselves to be fully real and authentic even when it means changing plans and perhaps staying home to take care of ourselves.  First we put the oxygen mask on ourselves and then we can put it on others.  We can only give out when our well is full and we truly have something to give.  Lisa spoke of the importance of nurturing and honoring all our cycles and rhythms.

Lisa ended the interview with a beautiful image called the Yab-Yum which comes from Tibet.  The image is of Shiva sitting cross-legged and Shakti in his lap facing him.  She is slightly turned signifying the movement – the flow of the feminine goddess energy.  They are in union sharing energy. It is very powerful to place this image of the God and Goddess in your heart and let it live there!

What a delight to have Lisa on our tele class and the beautiful work she does in the world with awakening the Shakti energy within. You can learn more at her website  She works powerfully with groups as well as one to one.  Thank you Lisa!!

For a short time this class, as well as all six of our tele classes, will be available for you to listen to for free before they are taken down and turned into audios that will be available for purchase. Each class also has a guided visualization that lasts approximately 10 minutes at the end to help you incorporate the key points from that particular class into your life.  

Listen to the the interview with Lisa Schrader, the founder of Awakening Shakti: Awakening Your Radiant Feminine Power  Kathleen McIntire Interviews Lisa Schrader

Listen to whole class FREE: Tele-Session Kathleen’s Interview with Lisa_Balancing Masculine&Feminine. 6-26.12