One day I realized that our greatest power is BEing who we are and getting to BEAM or BE-AMing that out into the world.  Society does everything it can to have us conform into a square box even if we are a round peg.  Advertisements blare that you need a certain brand to wear, special vacations, all the “right” things.  Magazines tell us what is “in” and what is “out” certain colors or fashions or fabrics or looks.  Our parents often tell us what we need to do or be to be successful from the structures of their world.  If they are in mainstream it might be to be a doctor or lawyer.  If they are in the spiritual world they have that view of the path you need to follow.  Layers and layers of filters are placed over the bright light we were born into this world with.  All these layers make that light duller and duller.

Explore the road aheadOur brightest light is being who we are.  Not who others want us to be, no matter how perfect that is in their world.  My ex-husband wanted me to keep the spiritual, healer, person that channels Mother Mary locked in a closet and for it not to be seen.  One day the need to be who I was was so loud I couldn’t ignore it.  I could not NOT be me on all layers of my existence.  Meeting spiritual or healing friends on the side once a week was not enough.  It had to be the fabric of my existence.

If we aren’t showing up authentically in the world then who is being loved?  If we don’t love ourselves enough to be who we truly are how can we expect anyone else to love us…. they never have a chance to see the true authentic person.  Real freedom and liberation comes from being who we truly are and not caring if it fits in with what others think is “cool” or acceptable.  It is who we are!  Our deepest power is not power over another or others as is demonstrated in a Patriarchal society.  Our deepest power is BE-AMing our deepest essence authentic self into the world.  We are each as unique as a snowflake never to be replicated.  This is our power!