What does it mean to be authentic?  Being authentic means being “real” being your true self and being true to you.  The opposite of being authentic is being nice or trying to please others and forgetting who you are. Forgetting your deepest heart desires and passions.  You are in a mode of trying to not rock the boat.  Underlying this can be a belief if you can just be nice enough, good enough, care about the others’ needs enough and forget yours you will have harmony and a good relationship.  The opposite is true.  The more YOU forget yourself the more others forget you too.  Everything starts from within.

I found all of this out the hard way!  Giving up my successful career, I married after a whirlwind five-month romance and moved to London.  My husband who was 34 and in his first marriage always says he was simply smitten by me.  However, shortly after marriage the version of wife he wanted was intellectual not spiritual.  I traded in my astrology and numerology studies and books, that he disapproved of, for studying vocabulary words, yes it is true!!  Twenty two years later the deepest most authentic part of me  was screaming to be let out of the closet she had been locked in.  We took the high road and divorced in a space of love and respect.  Both of us following our very different but  authentic paths and callings in life.

When you are true to yourself, when you are doing what inspires you and what you are passionate about you will attract other people who are doing that also.  The only way they can love you is if the real you shows up. Look inside your life to see if you are fully showing up as the real you. Do you find you are more authentically you around certain people?  Are there certain people where you abandon your real self because you desire their approval?  Whose approval is it you seek?  Others, or your own?  As written at the entrance of the ancient temple of Delphi… To thine own self be true!  What step can you take this week to be more authentically you?  What do you need to let go of?  Can you fully accept yourself exactly as you are?  Can you love ALL of you?


By Kathleen McIntire

I’ve never been normal

Born with the gift of “seeing”

Into a family whose religion was denial

This was very dangerous


When what you see is black

But you are told it is white

You stop trusting that inner voice

The voice of intuition you were born with


My husband thinks channeling is weird

But loves that I am kind and nice

I love that I am weird

Anyone can act kind and nice


But I cling to the kind and nice version of myself

It is the substance that has brought me synthetic love

But now I want to taste real love

I want to taste who I really am