In researching Lake Titicaca and the prophesy of the Pachacuti I learned that Lake Titicaca holds the feminine pole for our planet and a mountain in the Himalayas of Tibet holds the masculine pole. There is a legend that a huge solar disc made of pure gold had been hidden in Lake Titicaca for protection from the invading Spanish in the 1500’s. Little did I know until being there that the veil between worlds is so thin I would easily drop into seeing other dimensions.

I was sad to leave Pisac and Luzma, Daniel and Fred. Luzma and I had co-lead the women’s journey in Peru. Daniel and Fred had cooked for us and held the space of the sacred masculine energy. The three of them were more than my Peruvian heart friends. They felt like my deep soul family, my star family!

After arriving at Lake Titicaca the first sacred sight I would visit was Amaru Muru; Puerta de Hayu Marka or Gate of the Gods is a Stargate and Dimensional Doorway. It is totally off the beaten path.

Kathleen meditating shortly before arriving at the Amaru Muru wall

Thirty minutes before arriving at Amaru Muru, Maria, my guide told me I might like to meditate in preparation. Immediately I went into a deep meditation and found myself in a very ancient time at a temple for Priestesses. I was the High Priestess. There were carved stone bathing pools. I was in beautiful warm waters. Other priestesses were caring for me. They were bathing me and anointing me with sacred oils on my chakras, even the chakras on the bottoms of my feet and the palms of my hands. They dried me off and dressed me in fine thin linen like robes. They were preparing me.

At the same time my masculine counterpart was also being prepared. Then I was taken to a bridal chamber. There was my beloved but more on a spiritual realm. We were united and came together. Then a voice asked if I were ready and I said “yes, this is the time and I am ready”. I then had this image that I needed to be barefooted at the rocks and right then Maria tapped me on my shoulder and said we had arrived.

images in the stones

We got out of the car and Maria told me to take off my shoes! We were at the rock of the serpent and this was the first gate. We each created our k’intu, three coca leaves. We said our prayers into our k’intu asking for permission to enter this sacred space and then blowing our name into the leaves three times. We then placed our k’intu into one of the 4 paw prints of the puma that were in the gigantic stone. We placed a small stone over our k’intu and covered it with water and more prayers.

We sat there with our eyes closed in prayer and meditation. Maria had me rotating my ankles with my big toes coming together touching and then moving away in circles. Each time my big toes would touch the energy would build in my third eye. Soon the energy was so big and intense my body began to convulse and shake and I began sobbing. Again a voice asked if I was ready and again I replied yes “I was ready and this was the time”.

We then put our shoes back on and began a long hike through the red rocks. The red rocks reminded me of the Canyonlands in the USA. As we began walking a baby white hawk with a red tail began circling over our heads. I also saw so many images of people and animals in the huge stones.

We hiked further until we arrived at the Amaru Muru wall. The driver had driven around and was waiting for us on the road near this spot. Maria went to the car to retrieve her singing bowls. Again I felt called to be barefooted. I also felt I needed to take off my hat even though the sun was intense. I used my condor feather to shield the sun from my eyes.

seeing images in the stones

I sat on the ground on a flat stone level with the earth facing the wall. A huge bee flew very close to me across my face. Maria began playing the singing bowls and I immediately went into another deep vision. The first part of my vision I was flying through the cosmos with Daniel like the dream he had shared with me!

Then in my vision it was ancient Lemuria and Daniel was with me. (interesting later when I thought back I kept thinking of it as Atlantis). We were the high Priest and High Priestess of that civilization. We were extremely tall beings, between 12 and 18 feet tall.

In this vision Daniel stood facing the wall and through intention made the masculine indent and white streak there. Then I faced the wall and through my intention I made the feminine indent in the wall.

Daniel was the Masculine Christ and I was the Feminine Christ. Then I saw Luzma and she was a Feminine Christ and Fred was a Masculine Christ. Mary Elizabeth and our dear friend Robin and I were three different facets of the Divine Feminine. Then the four women from our Peru Journey surrounded me, each taking a direction. Ramona was North, Mary Elizabeth South, Francesca East and Shanti West.

There was a bringing together of polarities, masculine and feminine, old and young, hot and cold, night and day, sun and moon, good and bad etc etc.

Again the voice came and asked if I was ready. Again I said “yes, I am ready and this is the time”.

I went to the masculine indent and stood there for minutes with my arms raised and being infused with the masculine energies. I could feel Daniel’s energy there.

Then I stood in the place of the feminine indent with my arms raised.

The rock door

I then went to the rock door, the place of the gateway. I placed my k’intu with prayers on the ground directly below the door. In the moment I was guided to also leave the white heart rock I had found at a sacred place in Ollymtambo. As I went to put it on top of my k’intu a strong gust of wind suddenly took my k’intu up into the air! I also left the gold I had brought from Nevada City in the circle that was the gateway your third eye rests against. I said a prayer of forgiveness for all the killing and violence and stealing of gold from Peru by the Spanish invaders centuries ago. I had a deep knowing that the real gold was not physical but one of consciousness.

Instead of kneeling I knew I was to squat with my feet planted firmly on the ground. I stood in this squatting position with hands raised up on the wall and my third eye at the hole. Immediately a baby came through me and was born. It was wrapped in a baby blanket and handed to me. I was surprised it came out so quickly and easily and so fast. It was not a physical baby but the birth of the golden age of love, light and peace.

All the Gods and Goddesses were smiling and saying YES it was a success!

Maria told me the whole time I was there at the wall two hawks were circling above me.