Today on my blog I would like to share with you a very powerful experience I had at Lake Titicaca, Peru.  Before going there we were told and also read about how a certain mountain in the Himalayas in Tibet holds the Masculine Pole for our planet and Lake Titicaca holds the Feminine Pole for our planet.  It is also the second chakra of our planet.  And that there are stargates there to other dimensions.  It seemed to me before actually arriving and being there that these kinds of mystical experiences I had read about were things that happened to “other people”!  Little did I know what awaited me!

And as a bonus I have included the Taurus Full Moon astrological update by Pat Liles – she talks about pertinent energies present at this time as well as going forward into the elections.  Enjoy!!

Amantani Island- Lake Titicaca

Mary Elizabeth had gotten violently ill on our bus ride from Cuzco to Puna, Lake Titicaca.  I had so much empathy for her as I had recently gone through the very same thing.  There had been parts of our journey where I had gone through major purging.  It felt like the purging was part of a cleansing to release the old and let in all the new higher frequency energies that were present.  I also deeply admired Mary Elizabeth for how she has the ability to totally surrender to what simply is and not want to make it different.  She surrendered into her need to rest and sleep and knowing that was exactly where she needed to be.  It also felt like together we were holding a vaster container.  She was holding the deepest feminine energies of being totally receptive.  I was actively moving and doing by hiking to the sacred places.


On Amantani Island there are no hotels.  The people who come to visit the island are hosted by a local family who provide a bed and home-cooked meals in their home.  Our first lunch was very simple, potatoes that had been grown there in the earth and fried white cheese.  It was actually very delicious.  We started off with a bowl of homemade soup.

Mary Elizabeth went to bed after the meal and Maria, our guide, and I prepared to hike to the Temple of Pachamama.  There was also the Temple of Pachakamaq – the masculine temple.  Most of the people who had been on our boat were meeting to hike to Pachakamaq.  Maria commented that as a guide she would only take people who were spiritually attuned to visit the Pachamama Temple.  The powers there were very profound.  The local people also had to provide a door with a lock on that temple so regular people couldn’t enter.  They were finding that if their intentions weren’t pure they were having major things come up in their lives to deal with.  So to protect people from themselves, a door is now there and kept locked except for local ceremonies and use.

We brought our coca leafs on the walk.  Not only did the coca leafs help me with walking at that elevation we would also use them to make a k’intu or offering to the temple and ask for permission to be there.  To make a K’intu you take three of the most beautiful coca leafs you have; you then say a prayer and also ask for permission to visit the sacred place and then you blow your name three times into the K’intu you have made.  You then leave it as an offering.  This is one of many things that touched my heart so deeply being in Peru.  It feels to me like here in the North we assume we can go where we want, do what we want.  To ask permission of something sacred in nature is not something most people here have ever been taught.

At first on our walk we were laughing and talking.  Then Maria said it was time to enter a time of silence, meditation and prayer as we finished our walk to the top and to the Pachamama Temple.  It was very cloudy on our walk, the sun totally hidden. We stopped and Maria picked sage that was growing on the path.  We used the sage to cleanse our bodies and auras.  She then told me to choose a rock to give as an offering at the altar.  We walked the rest of the way in silence and prayer.  As we were approaching the top I felt called to blow three times into the sky to ask for the sun to come out.  I had learned from Luzma the day I had arrived that this is a gift that the oldest child of a family if being born female can only do.  She had blown into the sky upon my arrival and the sun came out.  I am also the oldest of my family and born in April when the sun starts to come out more, so I used that power to blow three times asking for the sun to appear.  And sure enough as we stepped onto the top the sun radiantly burst out from the clouds.

I saw people standing on top of mounds of rocks photographing.  Maria went to the man and later to a woman who climbed up there and gently told them they were standing on a sacred altar and causing the stones that made it to move and fall.  Once they knew this they were very apologetic and got right down.  I think having a sign there would be a good idea!

We found a beautiful spot facing West on the edge overlooking another island and the setting sun to sit and do our meditation.  First we gave our stones to the altar with prayers.  Maria poured aquaflorita water on my hands for me to rub together and bring around my aura for cleansing.  Most people love the smell of this flower water but I have to say I have an aversion to it, especially in closed in spaces doing ceremonies.  Outside it was not so bad.  Once again we removed our shoes and began to do the exercises of rotating our ankles that I had done at Amaru Muru.  I loved how Maria told me to bring the “fingers of my feet together.”  She laughed when I told her we call these “fingers” toes, finding that name funny to her.

Again bringing my big toes together and then rotating them apart in circles began to activate my third eye of inner seeing.  Below me was a crystal city that I wanted to drop into but it required a password to get in.  The first thing I said was “I am Mary”, then “I am Isis” still nothing and then I said “I am love” and I immediately dropped into this magnificent Crystal City.  Everything was made of crystal.  I was a High Priestess dressed in white and extremely tall maybe between 12 and 18 feet tall and there was a geometric trim on my garment I was wearing. I saw that the sunken solar disc that people talk about was a real sun.  We just can’t imagine that a real sun can exist under water.   We also wore these white hood-like headdresses and at the top was a miniature solar disc that could tune into the Motherland anywhere in the galaxy, we were always connected.

The crystals also held all the records not only of the earth but also much much more.  There was a High Priest with me.

There was a gigantic crystal throne as big as the universe and I found myself sitting in this throne.  I saw how the desire for power had corrupted before and was the fall of Lemuria and the fall of Atlantis.  And I saw this time around there was only pure love and there could not be the corruption of false power.  No longer would wrong choices be made to the detriment of humanity, we had learned and evolved.  This time LOVE prevailed.

The sun had now set and immediately the temperature dropped.  Nearly everyone had walked back.  We were now alone at the round Temple of Pachamama.  We stood at the door that was made of metal bars and you could totally reach in and see inside.  We each made our k’intus with three coca leaves and releasing mine inside of this Pachamama Temple they were caught by a huge gust of wind that had suddenly come forth and they were twirling around in this powerful wind.  I felt such a deep love and appreciation for the directions and elements.  For the earth we had been meditating upon, for the fire of the sun that had just set, for the water that surrounded this beautiful island and now for the wind who had come to be with us.  Maria had brought beer, which is a local custom, as a gift to Pachamama.  She gave it to the center of the temple and also took a sip herself.  We said prayers.  Then she told me to walk around the outside of the temple.  She asked me which direction I felt called to walk.  I have always been taught to circumambulate around a sacred place by going clockwise and that is also the direction we walk in sacred fire ceremonies.  So I started to follow my mind and I took a few steps to my left starting to go clockwise.  But it did not feel right in my body so I immediately stopped and started walking counterclockwise.  I had my hand lightly touching the wall as I walked.  I then heard a voice telling me I was to walk three times around which I did.  Then I stood at the doorway feeling powerful prayers emanating out of me to the temple.  Right then the wind got even fiercer and we saw lightning and thunder began loudly booming.

As we began to walk back in the dark with the light of Maria’s flashlight Maria said she had forgotten to tell me I needed to walk around the temple three times and the direction was counterclockwise but she wanted to give me the opportunity to tune in and to follow what I was given!!

The whole way back we witnessed the sky lighting up from the streaks of gigantic lightning and the forceful booms of thunder that sounded very very close.  And yet there was not one drop of rain that fell until we safely arrived back at our Amantani home.

Where have you been where the veils between worlds parted and you were able to see what is usually hidden from this dimension?