“I allow all that I need to be provided for me”. Can it really be that simple, to show up in a place of love and follow the threads of desire and passion that emanate from our hearts?  To trust and allow all I need to be provided for me is taking place. I just need to get out of my own way and allow!

How we survived growing up in a world from the old paradigm of fear is not the same way we need to flourish and flower now.  Being incredibly strong and having a huge will allowed me to survive a violent insane childhood of physical, verbal and sexual abuse.  My strong will is also the very thing that can get in my way now.   Our greatest gifts can also be our greatest challenges!

My will gets in my way sometimes now when I forget and believe there is an “I” that must make things happen.  I see when I get into that place of my will it is like a direct line to my thinking mind.  And when those two are operating what takes place is separation and things being difficult and putting my nose to the grindstone.

What takes place is magic and joy when I ask and state to a higher source that I allow all I need to be provided for me.  The things that take place in that realm of trust and of my heart are so effortless.  Erin and I used this whole way of “allowing” to create the Guiding Signs 101 cards.  But I really see it isn’t how I operate in every area of my life.

I need to just keep remembering whenever I forget; not to judge myself or be critical but loving and accepting.

I had a huge aha this morning when I was meditating and tuned in to my third chakra of the solar plexus, the place of our power and will.  I also saw the totem for that chakra which is the hummingbird, they symbol of joy. I realized that being in our deepest power can unfold from a place of joy with ease and grace not with force!  There is nothing I need to do.  I simply need to show up and be centered in my heart in a place of love and really ask what it is I most desire.  What do I want?  What do I desire?  Not what should I want.  Or what is “important”.  What do I really really most want and desire in this moment.

For me right now in this moment my desire was to take my computer outside to the screened in porch off of the kitchen to write.  I most wanted to see the beauty of the trees and flowers outside and to hear the songs of the birds.  The bird’s songs have been so alive to me.  To hear their song fills my heart up with immense gratitude and love and pure happiness.

I let go of all those places left within my limiting belief system that there is something “I” must do.  I allow all that I need is being provided for me by simply showing up to what is true in each moment, what do I truly desire, what do I truly want.  And then unlike Hansel and Gretel following the bread crumbs which can be blown away or eaten by animals I follow the threads of my hearts desire.  I simply need to show up and pay attention and listen, open to receive and then be in a state of gratitude.  Allow, what joy!