One of the incredible tools I have found to access deeper wisdom is through shamanic drumming.  I have been given visions in the drumming journeys that would help me with decisions I needed to make in the present moment as well as guidance for major events that would happen in the future. 

The specific number of drumbeats per minute puts you into a trance state.  In this state you can go to one of three places;  the under world, the middle world or the upper world.  In one such journey I went to the upper world.  I was greeted by an angelic guide.  This guide wrote the word “D I V O R C E” out of clouds.  Each letter was formed by a cloud.  The angelic guide told me that a time would come that my soul needed to be set free to do the work I had come to this world to do and my husband and I would go our separate ways.  We had come together to create our son.  The guide told me not to feel bad when the time came, it was all divinely orchestrated.  Six years later doing a creative writing assignment the light went on and every cell of my body knew my marriage was complete.  Because of my guidance and the different paths my husband and I were walking I had total clarity about divorcing.  The parts of myself that are the deepest essence of who I am were not embraced by him and had to be kept hidden in our marriage.  My healing nature and the ability to connect to the unseen worlds!  Now seven years later he is happily remarried and has continued living his life as a leader in a corporate world.  I am now living my deepest dreams of creativity and service.

There has been so much freedom and joy for me in following my truest path and being uniquely me.  Even though that version wasn’t “normal” by outside standards of our culture.  Being normal I found was a slow form of dying.  It wasn’t about being real.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  Anais Nin

If you are interested in doing a shamanic drumming journey an easy way to do so is to purchase a CD by Michael Harner that you can listen to in the quiet of your home.

Make sure you have at least 30 minutes of quiet undisturbed time.  Set your intention for your journey.  Lie down and listen to the CD.  Make sure to journal after your journey to capture the guidance and insights you were given.